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    In Trip Type you can select parent trip types but it doesn’t seem to create any actual hierarchical structure? Is it possible to do so? I’m looking to set up like so;

    Trip Types 1
    -Trip Type a
    –Trip type first
    –Trip type second
    -trip type b
    -trip type c

    Trip Types 2
    -trip type d
    -trip type e

    If someone visits the Trip Types 1 page, instead of being shown all the trips in trip types a,b and c, to be shown just a list of links to the Trip Type 1 children, e.g trip type a, trip type b and trip type c.

    Customers would then navigate to one of these links, if the next level of trip type type down has a child trip type e.g Trip Type a, then show a list of the children only e.g Trip type first, Trip type Second

    However if the Trip type has no children e.g Trip Type b, then show a list of the trips in that category.

    It would be great also if the URLs included the parent categories when using hierachy e.g


    so that users can easily understand the hierarchy.

    Support Team

    Hello @tourist,

    Currently, it does not create the hierarchy. This feature will be available in the future release.

    If you need the hierarchy work now then you can hire the professional developer.

    To hire a developer please refer to below-given link:


    Thank you.

    Best Regards!!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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