Hierarchical URLs and renaming Trip base Trip Type Base

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    I can see that WP Travel flattens the URL structure buts is it possible to turn this off so that URLs woudl read more like this;


    Also whilst it’s possible to rewrite the Trip Base and Trip Type Bases in Settings – Permalinks this doesn’t affect the headings (h2) in the page header or the Breadcrumbs. It would be great for these to update accordingly. Have you got a fix for this?

    Many thanks,



    In case it’s not obvious from my previous post, I’ve renamed my Trip Base and Trip Type Base to Course and Course Type, but the h2 headers still read;

    Trip Type: Example Trip Category Name

    and the Breadcrumb reads;

    Home / Trips / Example Trip Name

    whereas I’d like them to read;

    Course Type: Example Trip Category Name

    Home / Courses / Example Trip Name

    Support Team

    Hello @tourist,

    Actually, it is not an issue and this is how the plugin works.

    Changing the URL does not change the breadcrumb link name. In case if you need to do so then you have to directly change the link name form the code itself.

    So if you want then you can hire our professional developer so that you would get what you want.

    To hire a developer please refer to below given link:


    Thank you.

    Best Regards!!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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