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    Hi everybody,
    I installed and configure Travel Log theme with WP Travel and WPML plugins.
    My website’s default language is Italian.

    I can see that with WPML (String translation function) I can translate Home page text like “MORE INFO” button, or “FIND YOUR PERFECT TOUR” section.

    So without touching anytring from the WORDPRESS Customize funtion I can change for instance the “MoRE INFO” button in my italian translation “INFORMAZIONI”.

    But how can I change “MORE INFO” text in something else like “INFORMATIONS”?

    Once I translate it with WPML, I can’t see that text string in the CUSTOMIZE function.
    I have the same problem with all the other Home page sections.

    Can you help me solve this problem?

    Thank you in advance.


    WP Travel Admin

    Hello @itconsulenza,

    Please follow below given link for a guide to translate the contents using of WPML.


    Thank you.




    I’m sorry but your link doesn’t help me.

    My problem is not finding somebody to translate.

    My problem is with just the text inside the home page.

    Where can I edit it for the english language if my defalut language is Italian?



    Support Team

    Hello @itconsulenza,

    Since you are using WPML plugin for the translation you will have a separate dashboard for each language i.e you have to create the separate page, post, tags, categories for each language.

    For example to create the “About us” page in the Nepali language just click on “+” sign of the row of Home page and add contents equivalent to the home page that already existed in another language.



    In a similar way, you can create post, pages in the English language. Finally, go to customizer screen of English language and set up the section by choosing the post that you created in the English language.

    You can switch the language by clicking on the flag at the top as you can see in below given screenshot:


    Hope this clears the confusion.

    Best Regards!!



    Ok, I already created translation pages and they works fine.

    My problem is just on the home page.

    this is my home page in my default language (Italian)
    Here i change “MORE INFO” to “SCOPRI”

    From the customize interface I switched to English and the button has the same text of the italian home page.

    Then I open the english home page, open the customize function and change “SCOPRI” to “INFORMATIONS”

    Now I switch to Italian again and the button text is “INFORMATIONS”

    What am I doing wrong?


    WP Travel Admin

    Hello @itconsulenza,

    Actually, we have not tested the theme using the WPML plugin so we are not quite familiar with the process of translating the customizer value in a different language.

    So here we have mentioned the link following which you can translate the values of the customizer.


    Hope this helps.

    Thank you.



    Ok, for the record, I “fixed” this problem by changing “MORE INFO” to “>>>” on the slider section and by disabling all the other sections.

    I installed WP Bakery and add some grid and some other graphic content.

    Thanks anyway.


    Support Team

    Hello @itconsulenza,

    Glad that you figured out the solution by yourself.

    If you have any issues further related to the theme then please let us know.

    Thank you.

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