how to use search form for tours as you shown in the demo please guide me the pr

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    Al Arman
    Participant you have any premium version to use search form for tours as you shown in the demo please guide me the process.
    3.which image editor did you you used in the demo i mean the image of tour with trip price and ratings and when we point mouse it hovers please tell me the name of the plugin it will help me
    4. do you have any free extension or paid extension to make it more effective you have anything for tour catalouge that is displayed while searching.

    please reply all one by one it will help me

    Support Team

    Hello @al-arman,

    All of your queries have been answered below on points: you have any premium version

    Ans: Currently we do not have the premium version of the plugin but we are working on the premium version adding lots of amazing additional features. Hopefully, we will soon release the premium version and as soon as we release the premium version we will let you know. to use search form for tours as you shown in the demo please guide me the process.

    Ans: Actually, the thing is we have made the demo of WP travel using the Travel Log theme and the layout for the search section in the frontpage is provided by the theme itself. So if you want your plugin to have the same layout as in the demo then you can use travel log theme and below is the link of the theme.

    3.which image editor did you you used in the demo i mean the image of tour with trip price and ratings and when we point mouse it hovers please tell me the name of the plugin it will help me.

    Ans: As mentioned in above points the demo is made using travel log theme and all of this feature like hover etc comes from the theme. But the trip price, rating comes from the plugin itself i.e it is the plugin feature and you can add the price from the backend of the individual trip from the plugin.

    4. do you have any free extension or paid extension to make it more effective

    Ans: For now, we do have the free extension of Standard PayPal payment and planning to release other paid extension to enhance plugin. you have anything for tour catalogue that is displayed while searching.

    Ans: As for this issue we are not quite clear whether you want the catalog with the images or with some other feature. So please explain this points more clealry so that we can help you further.

    Hope this clears the confusion.

    If you have any queries/Suggestion regarding the WP Travel plugin, please fel free to post.

    Best Regards!!

    Have a good day 🙂 .

    Al Arman

    First of all thank you very much for your amazing support its unbelievable that free versions do have such a wonderful support so let me now clear the last question i mentioned, actually when we use filterof serach and search trips by location them some location displays with price and rating packages so is there any other extension or anything to make that search catalouge that displays tours to make it more effective and also i want to display some tour catalouge on some pages suppose someone enters india in search filter so one page should open that cointains only indian trip packages how to do that and also one more important question you have very nice search filter added but i want that search filter to display on homepage or holidays so how to add that search filter on homepage or any page please guide me through.
    thank you, regards

    Support Team

    Hello @al-arman,

    Thank you for the appreciation regarding WP travel Plugin. Your feedback and appreciation helps us motivate to make our products better with each development 🙂

    Regarding your query, The search widget in WP Travel plugin searches through the keyword, trip type and location filters.

    Also, with the upcoming update to the WP Travel Plugin, we are integrating more filters / search options in the plugin in the form of widget and shortcodes. The update will also allow you to place filters in internal pages and front page and the functionality of keyword search.

    Furthermore we will also shortly be providing download link to the Release Candidate ( beta ) version to the WP Travel Plugin update through the forum that will contain the features requested, available for usage and testings.

    Best Regards !!

    Al Arman

    Hello thanx again for sorting my problem you guys are just simply awesome. I have an another questions let me frame one by one.

    1.actually i will be selling tour packages using wp travel but i have one major problem sometimes what happens the price we input in the itenerary for package may increase because of increase in flight prices i mean suppose i displayed itenerary of $100 a palnned itinerary but after sometimes the flight of price may include which i may not know because i will be displaying lots of packages so the price is displayed is $100 but due to increase in price of flight my cost will cross 100 dollar so how to tackle that is there anyway to make my prices live how can i connect particular itinerary with flight price so that as soon as the flight or hotel price increase myitinereary cost also increase automatically is there anyway to connect wp travel itenarary cost with live prices of airlines cost particular airline in that package. more thing in my itenarary or inclusion or description or anywhere in the package itenarary of wp travel i want to display name of hotels so you might have seen in some websites that while displaying package details they also didpalya name of the hotel and the show trip advisonr rating also of that hotel in the package description so i want to know how to display trip advisor rating for particular hotel in a particular package itinerary is there any way to embed that hotel from trip advisor to our wptravel itinerary or any other method to display hotel ratings.

    3. How should i display flight name time flight logo in my iteneray for example in one of my travel package of mumbai to dubai i want to show that by flight no and flight logo and time that you have vistara airlines of so and so number at so and so time in the particular itinerary so that while reading details of the package customer may know which flight by logo and flight number and time departure in the package details.

    4. I want to use cc avenue payment gateway for payment which is indian so can i integrate it with yoy form book now option that form you provide instead of usong paypal.

    5.can i customize book now form if it would be without coding it would be best because i use wordpress with elementor if not then also i will try so guide me through this.

    Thank you, regards.

    WP Travel

    Hello @al-arman,

    Please find below the responses of each of your queries listed below :

    1. Automatic Price Update with changing flight prices.

    The feature to update the trip prices according to the update with flight fare prices is not available in the WP Travel plugin. Also, it would require being in sync with custom flights listing sites which might not have public APIs, and hence might not be applicable for plugin.

    If you require the feature, you can also choose to hire a customizer for customization to the plugin for additional features from the link here :

    2. Hotel Listings with tripadvisor rating

    Also unavailable with the current plugin version, we will, however, add the hotels listing options in itineraries to our feature requests and consider it with the future releases of WP Travel plugin.

    3. Flight details on trip details page.

    The feature to display flight details is also unavailable in the plugin currently. However, if you wish to get the feature via customization, please consider sending us customization request via Hire a customizer form.

    4. Additional Payment gateway Integration

    With the future updates of WP Travel Plugin, the integration of Paypal Express checkout is under development, also we will be adding payment gateways like stripe and Braintree as a premium add-on. However, as for now, additional payment gateway integration would require Hiring a customizer.

    5. Booking Form Customization

    The feature to customize the booking form will be available in WP Travel Plugin with future updates. The feature will be integrated with the core plugin in future updates.

    Best Regards !!

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