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    Good Morning
    I can not translate wp travel cart, WP Travel Dashboard

    WP Travel Admin

    Hello @junamacordo,

    Since all the strings in the plugin are made translation ready, you can easily translate the strings in wp travel cart, WP Travel Dashboard.

    Please follow the screen record below.


    Hope this helps.



    Thanks, but I can´t translate:
    * Pricing Name
    * Min Group Size
    * Max Group Size
    * Select a Date
    * Adult
    * Size
    * select
    * Your order
    * trip
    * Traveller Details
    * Please fill in your details below to book your trip(s)

    Support Team

    Hello @juanmacordo,

    The strings that you have mentioned above is already made translation ready.

    Please search them via loco translate and translate them.

    To make you easy we have prepared a screen record for some of the stings that you have mentioned.


    Hope this helps.

    Do not hesitate to post if you have any queries further.

    Thank you.



    I can not translate in the header of the page:
    * WP Travel Cart
    * WP Travel Checkout

    I followed your instructions and found these texts and translated them, but they do not appear translated.

    You can see it in the pages
    * https://viajeslatitudsur.es/wp-travel-cart/
    * https://viajeslatitudsur.es/wp-travel-checkout/

    WP Travel Admin

    Hello @juanmacordo,

    As for the page title, the title comes from the page name. If you want the title to be translated then create the page naming ” WP Travel Cart ” in your language and assing it to work as the cart page.

    For this go to Admin Panel > Trips > Settings > Checkout Process and chose the page for cart page.

    For confusion please refer to below given screen record.


    Follow a similar process for checkout.

    Do not forget to paste the shortcode for cart page and checkout page for the pages that you have created.

    Link: http://wptravel.io/documentations/user-documentation/settings/general/

    Hope this helps.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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