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    Hey @support:

    Theme: Travel Base Pro 1.0.6
    WP Travel: 3.0.9
    WP Travel Utilities: 1.3.3

    I discovered after two reviews that how the stars appear to users depends on the last review rather than an average thereof.

    Two issues here:

    1. Star ratings reflect the last reviewers star ranking rather than an average of all the ratings for the specific trip.

    2. When the business replies to the reviews, then the star ratings are there for the business too! Not really sensible that the business rate itself in the reply to clients.

    Another question: Are these ratings baked in schema, or are they only for frontend viewing by visitors?


    Hey @support:

    Following up on this request for support.

    1. Business operators are still required to rate a trip when they reply to customer ratings.

    2. I assessed the reviews using Google’s Structured Data Tool, and there are a few errors in the Schema markup. The following image highlights those errors as assessed by the structured data tool.

    How do we address this?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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