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    Is there any possibility to get a more detailed receipt sent to the customer?

    Right now the customer only gets an email with the total amount, no detailed information about what type(s) of tickets that were purchased, like 1x Adult, 2x Children.

    Also, we’d like to be able to set the prices with VAT included, BUT with the VAT shown just like it does when you put the prices without the VAT.

    Both of these problems require me to make changes directly to the plugin, since you haven’t given us any way to hook into the email tags, nor how to edit tags directly. Also, the excessive use of template functions that doesn’t give us any way to override them makes it nigh impossible to not do direct edits for the plugin: You need to put if ( ! function_exists( 'FUNCTION_NAME' ) ) { around these functions so that we can override them safely (so we can update the plugins without losing changes).

    I hope that, at least, there is a non-intrusive way for me to add a more detailed receipt for the customer. We need to give detailed information about VAT in Sweden; What percentage, and the amount (for each traveler).
    Unfortunately, just the number of PAX isn’t enough, We also need ticket type and price for each traveler.

    If there currently doesn’t exist any way of doing this, I’ll have to go in and do some serious customization. And make sure the client doesn’t update the plugin on their own. To be honest, if I had spotted this in the beginning before choosing plugins to work with, this lack of customization would have been a deal breaker. The hoops I’ve gone through to translate the strings you add via javascript was NOT worth it.

    Sorry for the negative post, I’m just so stressed because of this and I just need to be done with this project, otherwise it’s a great plugin, really great. It just need to be more customization friendly, where functions can be overridden and more template-files for many things that now use template functions instead. One thing you could add for email, is to give us developers the ability to specify a template-file instead, one that we can write in php and in that way can format it an any way we want. We could add the template files in our wp-travel folder also, much like it works for new and lost account.

    Sorry for the rant.

    Best regards,

    Support Team

    Hello @emil-petterssonimseb-com,

    First of all, thank you very much for using the WP Travel plugin.

    Regarding your query about the email template, we do have the filter hook for both the booking email and payment email using which you will be able to add the custom filed in the email

    To modify the booking email template we have the hook “wp_travel_admin_booking_email_tags” in inc > booking-functions.php. As for the payment email, we have the hook “wp_travel_payment_email_tags” in inc > payments > wp-travel-payments.php

    You can add the field using these filter hooks.

    As for the vat feature, currently, the feature is not available in the plugin but we have noted it as the requested feature and will work on it.

    Also, regarding the function exist checking query, we will check the function in the coming updates. Also, since we are in continuous development and enhancement of the plugin, we will keep on addressing the feature in future updates of the plugin. Further, we are always happy to receive the feedback regarding the plugin and feature request from our user as we believe it helps us to improve/grow our product.

    If you have any queries further then kindly let us know.

    Thank you.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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