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    Hi. I havent testet the plugin outside of the online demo version yet, but I have a few questions before I go into the whole testing phase of it as I have a project with a deadline and i need to know if this have the functions I need.

    1 – Client only have a few trips a year, and i cant see the possibilty of adding a date limit. For example – one trip from january 1st to january 10th and another trip 2months later. On the demo version it seems like customers can choose dates as they see fit?
    like on the http://wptravel.io/demo/ wildlife safari demo – there seems to be a fixed travel date, but the dates customers can pick is limited to 23rd february? Seems very confusing. Is it possible to remove the whole calender option for customers in these cases – as the travel dates are fixed anyway?

    2. Does the travel utility plugin allow for adding different rooms and prices of them? So if 1 customer want a one-bed hotel room and another want a double room? And I assume this also adds the avaiability to add extra stuff like food and drinks to the total price as well.

    3. I don’t really understand the min-max group size options. Does this mean individual people cant buy a single ticket?

    4. Does it support different currencies?

    5. I know its supported by WPML – but does this include string translations?

    6. Can you limit avaible space available for a trip? As in only 20 people can order before it’s sold out.

    Thank you very much for taking the time to answer this. 🙂

    Support Team


    First of all, thank you so much for your interest in WP Travel plugin.

    Please find the answer to your queries below :

    query 1: To get the feature to enable multiple dates for multiple trips and disable the calender option to appear for customers, you need to enable the WP Travel Utilities addon.

    To disable the calendar option, inside the trips setting, you will get the option to enable Trip Pricing Options Listing with List by fixed departure dates. After enabling it, the calendar option will disappear.

    Please refer to the given screenshots for more info: https://prnt.sc/m88w6p

    query 2: Regarding the query about rooms and prices, currently we don’t have such a feature.

    WP Travel Utilities addon gives you the option of tour extras from which you can add the stuff like food and drinks and integrate their price to the total price.

    query 3: Min-Max group size option appears if you have enabled price per group option. Price per person option gives you the feature for individual people to buy a single ticket.

    query 4: WP Travel plugin allows you to switch the currency to other than the default currency but adding multiple currency formats for a single trip is not available.

    query 5: WP Travel plugin is compatible with WPML and supports string translation. However, the string translation should be done manually.

    query 6: WP Travel Utilities addon has an inventory option which allows you to limit space available for a trip.

    Hope this clears your confusion,

    Feel free to reach us for any queries further,

    Best Regards!!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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