Pricing problem (need more pricing factors)

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    I can not find a solution I need for my travel agency, probably I am just confused.

    All plugins I found offer the same price formation for tours: per person or per group…

    When I want to offer a package with more sophisticated pricing, that depends on the number of hours and number of persons (it is not per person or per group, it is per size of group: 1-3 persons are one case, 3-6 persons are another case, 6-19 personas are another case – it depends on the type of car. The depending on tickets is lineal – per person.

    But also I want my cliente to form their packages by themselves: I need a form like:

    The client puts the number of persons and the number of days he wants to book and then he starts to select the tours for his package and he can see the change of hours and pricing, he can put 4-8 hours for every day. It would be great!

    Because my pricing is not lineal (per person), my pricing is per hours, per type of car (small car, mini van, mini bus, bus), per number of persons (function for number of tickets) and so on…

    I am sorry if I did not find the solution, if it exists and is evidente and if it is by my blindness, but I would be very grateful for any tips or advice. Thanks a lot.

    Support Team

    Hello @vitaly,

    Currently, the plugin has the only option of “per person and per group” and the feature of multiple pricing is currently under development.

    But to achieve the requirement as you have explained requires a higher code customization.

    So our suggestion to you is hire a professional developer so that you would get exactly what you want.

    To hire a developer, please refer to below-given link.

    Thank you.

    Best Regards!!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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