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    I am not a particularly annoying person, so I don’t want to upset you more than necessary, but I find the support is not really what one can expect from a “PRO Support” as you mention, as I have to wait a long time before getting replied and sometimes left unanswered on some questions.
    I bought the Travel PRO version when you clearly promote the Responsiveness of the support and I don’t think it is right now.

    “Premium Support
    While we have constantly won accolades from our users for our speedy and responsive support, we have upped our game for the WP Travel Pro customers. With the roll out of this premium product, we have put together a round the clock support team to address any issues or concerns of our premium plugin users. If you have ever used our customer services, you can imagine the level of support you might receive when you are premium client!”

    Nevertheless, and to close this ticket on a positive way, I think you are doing good job with your plugins and that you are on the right way. Thank you

    Support Team

    Hello @oligo11,

    First of all, our sincere apology for all the trouble that you faced regarding the WP Travel plugin.

    As for your dissatisfaction regarding the reply, what we would like to make you clear is we respond to all the queries posted in the forum as soon as possible as it always been our foremost priority but in case of the weekend off days, there might be dealy as we may not get chance to visit the forum due to various reasons but as soon as we get hand on the support queries we immediately reply.

    So the mission is always to keep our customer satisfied and we always have been and will work towards that goal.

    Hope you understand and co-operate with us.

    Thank you.


    Hi, thank you for your reply.
    That’s the point, exactly. On your promotion page for WPtravel Pro, you mention a PREMIUM Support (https://wptravel.io/wp-travel-pro/) but it looks like there is none as you have to wait sometimes the day after for a reply. I am used to buy Premium stuff and I can see the difference between support and Premium support where answers are faster that usual support.

    Of course I was never talking nor thinking about week-end days. Everyone has the right to rest. That was not the point.

    Hope you’ll understand my position as a Premium buyer.
    Thank you

    Support Team

    Hello @oligo11,

    Surely, we shall keep that in mind and hopefully, we won’t disappoint you.

    Thank you for the co-operations.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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