Setting many "Fixed departured dates" in 1 pricing option

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    Hi! I need to set many Departure dates in one price option. How can I do that?
    This is the case of an excursion which is offered many times during the month. For example: Aconcagua 3 days. Price $1.230 and Departure and Ending dates: 11/2/19 – 13/2/19; 18/2/19 – 20/2/19 and 25/2/19 – 27/2/19.

    Until now, I only can set one departure and ending date. I would need to set more than one.

    In the case of using Multiple price option, I can create different ones, but with the same price, and then adding different dates to the selected price option. However, you are not able to see the “Ending date” in the front end and it´s not clear the available date neither. I think available dates should be in a differente colour at calendar and when you choose one, then you should see Departure and Ending date in the Front end.

    I hope my explanation is clear.



    Also, when you work with multiple dates, the date you see in the front end is the date you set – 1. This is crazy, isn´t it? Can you fix it, please?



    Support Team

    Hello @seba,

    WP Travel has provided the option where you can directly list the available dates of the price. For this go to Admin Panel > WP Tavel > Settings > Trips > Trip Pricing Options Listing and chose the option ” List by fixed departure dates“.


    As for your second query, we are quite clear with this. So, can you please explain it more clearly so that we can understand the issue properly and help you further.

    Thank you.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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