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    This conversation started through the contact form so I’ve pasted part of it here for clarity.

    [Me: Is it possible to have my top menu be on the same plane as the logo? I added one more item to it and it dropped below the site title and tagline.

    Response : The menu in your website is breaking down to two rows as the title and description in the left are taking up a lot of space due to huge content. Also, CSS fixings would also break the layout in responsive views. Our suggestions would be to use the the logo with text you want to show in the section OR to decrease the primary menu items ( dropdowns ) for the fix of the issue.]

    I don’t follow the bolded part of the response. I think will be ok, because I have a new question related to your second suggestion (after OR).

    Is it possible to create an item in the menu that is a parent so once you click on it it will give you choices. For example, menu item – About – On the click you would see Bio and Contact. When you select one you would then go to that page. Another example, menu item – The Map – On the click you see Pre-planning and On the Road. This way I could reduce the number of items in the top menu. Is this what you mean by (dropdowns)?

    Thanks for your earlier response to my other problems. The CSS for the thinner blog banners works perfectly and my link color issue I think I fixed by the time you got to it. If I have another problem with that I’ll bug you again, ha ha.

    Thanks again

    Support Team

    Hello @stevecasteel2013,

    Yes you can definitely go for the second suggestion as it will reduce the number of parent item and make the adjustment in one line.

    Also to make the menu appear below one menu item upon hovering is the dropdown menu and creating the drop down menu is easy.

    For this go to Admin Panel > Appearance > Menu. Select the menu that yow want to display.

    Now to create hierarchical drop down menus, drag the menu items to your right and you will notice how they snap into positions.


    Hope this helps.

    Also please do not hesitate to post any further issues 🙂 .

    Best Regards!!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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