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    Hello WP Travel support

    I have some question want to ask u :-

    Q1) I already translated the text , but dunno why the translation is not show
    translation screenshot :
    booking email template :

    Q2) Why only some of parts able to translate to Chinese version ,others can’t ? I used Poedit to do the translation parts.
    Can you teach me how to do ?

    URL :
    Password : 123test
    Screenshot :


    Hello WP Travel support

    I found the reset password layout is weird during I testing forget password.
    Is it this is the layout for the user reset password ? If not , can you teach me how to fix it.



    Support Team


    The translation issue is noted as the known issue and currently our developer team is currently working on it. We will soon release the update fixing the issue.

    As for the login, page the screenshot of the page that you have posted is for resetting the admin login password of your WordPress set up.

    If you are referring to the WP Travel user dashboard layout then the layout is from the plugin itself as you can see in the screenshot below:

    So we hope clears the confusion.

    Thank you.


    Hello WP Travel Support

    I have some qustion want to ask:

    Q1) I want to know , do I need download the WP Travel Language File every time for doing the translation if have the latest version release ?

    Q2) Do your team already fix the reset page?


    Support Team


    No, you do not have to download the language file each time you translate the string. Just simply translate the sting the save them.

    As for the reset page, we will soon release the update fixing the issue.

    Hoping for your kind co-operation.



    I use Poedit translate the language

    You said just simply translate the sting the save them is it mean I update the current Chinese language file?

    Support Team


    For the translation using the Poedit please follow below given steps.

    For this follow below steps .

    – Download Poedit
    – Launch poedit application
    – choose “Create a new translation” option in the application Screenshot :
    – Browse for the provided .po file
    – Choose translation language Screenshot :
    – Find strings to translate from the list and provide translation string in Translation Box. Screenshot:
    – save the translation
    – copy the .po and .mo file generated by the software in your child theme’s languages folder

    Finally, in your Admin Dashboard > Settings > General > language, make sure the desired language is chosen and save your settings.

    But we recommend using the Loco Translate plugin as it is easy to use and handy.

    Refer to below-given link to know how you can translate using the Loco translate plugin.

    Hope this helps.

    Thank You.

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