Woocommerce products don't appear on WP Travel Cart

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    I just bought the plugin WP Travel, and I have serious issues to configure it well.
    Woo commerce settings : Cart Page – Checkout Page – My Account Page
    WP Travel setting : WP Travel Cart Page – WP Travel Checkout Page – WP Travel Dashboard Page

    The problem is that I have two pages for the cart : Cart of Woocommerce and cart of WP Travel.
    I sell tour bikes (trips) and also T-shirt (product woocommerce)

    Woocommerce product goes to woocommerce cart.
    Trips goes to WP travel cart.

    I want the trips to be considered as a product so I can use Woo Commerce cart.
    Or the reverse it’s also fine : I want that my products woocommerce appear in WP Travel Cart.

    So to be clear and simple, how can I have just one cart with all my product : trips and woocommerce products ??

    Thanks for the quick reply, it’s seriously urgent.

    WP Travel

    Hi Dorian,

    As you know WooCommerce and WP Travel are different plugins, so if you’re thinking the replacement of WooCommerce with our plugin, make sure you use respective WP Travel Cart, Checkout and Account page of WP Travel to avoid the conflict with WooCommerce.

    Since we have not yet a functionality to import all products from WooCommerce into WP Travel, you need to enter it manually those products as trip in our plugin Trips post type.

    After doing so, disable WooCommerce and try to book using our WP Travel plugin.


    But it’s not possible to creat simple product with your plugin, the cart in the menu doesn’t shown neither !? I’m okay to erase totally woocommerce, but it don’t seems to me that WP Travel can replace everything ?

    Why don’t you guys develop plugin which would be addon of woocommerce plugin ?


    Hello @dorian

    Thank you so much for your suggestion, but, as mentioned above, WP Travel plugin and WooCommerce are two different products and hence your proposed way to develop an addon for third party plugin is quite not possible as for now.

    However, we shall definitely work in the compatibility issues with the WooCommerce plugin in our future work.

    Coming back to you query, our plugin targets the functionality for travel and tour website and hence in the addons, we try to include the features that can enhance the travel and tour experience of the costumers.

    Further more, selling the trips using our plugin can work perfectly fine, however selling simple products as T-shirts is not a feature offered by our plugin but, WP Travel Tour Extras is one of the addon to our plugin which allows you to add the products that you can offer as Trip Extras in your site.

    Also, can you please explain the issue that you have encountered regarding the WP Travel Cart in the menu, as in our side cart functionality is working perfectly fine ?

    Hoping for your kind co-operation,

    For any further query/confusion, feel free to write us back.

    Best Regards!!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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