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    Below is the link to my page

    I am using WP Travel plugin for one of my project but I am getting “wp-travel-placeholder.png” this image on my trips. I have to remove this. Please help me

    WP Travel

    Hello @naanu

    The placeholder image is the default image provided by the plugin when no image is uploaded in the gallery of the individual trip. To remove the placeholder image, please add images in the gallery and star the image that you want to display as the display image.

    To add the image in the trip, go to, Trips > Individual Trip > Gallery and upload the image. The starred image will then replace the placeholder image.

    Hope this clears your confusion,



    I have a tour that shows a button to view galery on the featured image. How can I add it to all my tours?



    The button to view the gallery shows up on the featured image of the trip when you add multiple images in the gallery of the trip apart from a single featured image. Please add multiple images to the gallery section of the trips.

    If this doesn’t help, kindly provide us with your site URLso that we can inspect the case further.



    Hi there, all the images I add to the galery are not showing I added more than 12 and they dont coome aup. saometimes it brings 8 and sometimes shows 6. what ca I do?

    Support Team

    Hello @nathachecaf@gmail.com

    We thoroughly tested the issue on our side with more than 12 images in different trips. Unfortunately, we are unable to replicate the exact issue in our side.

    As much as we love to help you, to inspect this issue further, we will be needing your admin login credentials. Please provide your login credentials in the given address : support@wptravel.io

    Also, please provide us the title of specific trips in which the images are being disappeared so that we can carry out with the inspection precisely.




    I have a similar problem, instead of Wp Travel images
    I have to trips that display the same images


    I dont find out how to star the images I bought Wp travel today.

    Support Team

    Hello @vrodriguezptygmail-com,

    Fist of all we would like to apologize for the trouble.

    To make the image “featured image” you need to click on the image after uploading as you can see in the screen record below:


    Also, you have uploaded same image on a different trip so the same image appears everywhere. So make sure to upload different featured images.

    Hope this helps.

    Thank you.


    Hi!!! You can star the image just when you go to your galery click on the image that you would like to be featured and and a yellow star will appear on the left corner of it. That image will be showed on that trip as featured image.

    Support Team

    Hello @nathachecafgmil-com,

    Thank you very much for the help.


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