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    Hi WP Travel support,

    I purchased the WP Travel Pro and now using it to create a booking website.

    My question is, is there a way to access the rest api for my site, so that I can develop a mobile app for my clients/users. I understand that you have built a mobile app, but it is for site owners. What I need is to create a mobile app so that my client/users can do the searching, booking and payment, etc. on my own mobile app.





    Currently, we don’t have extended API for both store admin and user. We need to custom build API using WordPress API for any required functionality. We can provide Postman json file if needed that is used in our Mobile app. Other then those API we need to build custom.

    As a side note we also build mobile app as per requirement. Please use our hire a customizer and send us detail about project.

    Thank you.



    Hello WP Travel Support

    So it means that I cannot do a booking from a 3rd party app via Rest API?
    Is there a way for you to customize a Rest API to replicate the functionality so that I can use it on my mobile app project, because I really need it for my client, since they are using the WP Travel plugin. If not, can you provide some help on how to do a workaround to do the process that I just described.

    Also, can you please provide postman json file that you mentioned?

    I currently don’t have a plan to hire a customizer because I myself am a android developer.

    Thank you very much.




    Yes, currently we do not have the feature of booking from a 3rd party app via Rest API.

    But there is the plugin (JWT Authentication) which you can install for WP REST API. Since you are a developer, you will get an idea from this.

    Also here is the documentation which you can refer for the clear information.


    Hope this helps.

    Thank you



    Hi WP Travel Support,

    Thank you for the reply. So currently the WP Travel Rest API is only limited to authentication of user, getting of enquiries and bookings. So there is no way to do the booking via Rest API.

    This is sad, either we stop using WP Travel plugins, or do the eCommerce to a different platform altogether to allow this functionality.

    Anyway, thank you very much.




    Yes, the user must be authentic to get the users booking and enquiries.

    Also, the feature of using the API for booking is currently under the discussion phase and we will work on it in future but no plan to implement it soon.

    So you can hire a professional developer if you want.

    Thank you very much for the co-operation.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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