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  • in reply to: Invalid license Key #20608

    Ok Right now we have uploaded the site on so can you please activate the license for this domain and what are the other information you need?

    When we want to make our site live on other domain what will we have to do so that license works for that?


    in reply to: Search Result Page Not Found #20504

    Hi Can you tell me which query parameter is missing? we have 3 fields on homepage: Keyword, Trip_type and Trip Location and all those parameters are passed in Querystring. We are using the shortcode/widget to display the search form on homepage (under the banner).

    Please guide us into the right direction and let me know where to fix these parameters?


    in reply to: Shortcode of Gallery #20414

    Each time when we ask any question you simply says hire our developer, WHY? we already have developer and you simple let us know the function name or give us the direction its simple as that.

    This is really one of worst support we are getting, We have worked with so many plugin vendor but you guys always wants us to hire you for a simple thing.

    Really DISAPPOINTED!!!!

    in reply to: Book Now button not working on new website #20345

    Ok, Thanks. We will update the Add-ons, Where can we see the changelog of new version, we want to make sure that updating the plugin will not create any problem so please share the link of new version releases with changelog.


    in reply to: Cart Item Count #20081

    This is one the most IMPORTANT feature and you guys doesn’t support it :0 Let me know how can I add Optional tours to a Trip? Optional tours are not mandatory to buy, User can either book or not, how can I achieve this functionality if its not multi checkout?

    in reply to: WYSIWYG Editor for Itinerary Description #20058

    Hi, We are using Wp Travel plugin, see the full page screenshot:

    Note the Red box – We have option to add Label to prices,We want to show this Label field value at front end under the Booking tab.

    in reply to: WYSIWYG Editor for Itinerary Description #20042

    I think you misunderstood my query, In the backend, Under the Dates and Prices section, I enabled Multiple dates, each dates have an option to add a Label, Where does that value shows on front end? See image:

    I hope it will clear my query.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)