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    Thank you for your response and I have sent the credentials of our cPanel and saw the Book Now buttons fixed. I have also tried the demo a bit and have more questions about some functionalities.

    1) I have setup a maximum pax for booking which let us say max of 10 pax booking for a date. A customer booked 5 seats and it does reflect under the Booking Tab that there is only 5 seats left out of 10. Problem is when that customer cancels the booking, the available number of seats still remains as 5/10 instead of going back to 10 available seats because the booking was already cancelled. Is there any way to fix this as it is important in keeping track of availability.

    2) For the payment gateways, can we set up our own API for a payment gateway?

    3) Are we able to accept payments from Australian banks if we do use your existing payment gateways?


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