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    Thank you a lot for the reply.

    its not a specific string. You can switch the language with polylang and all the sites after WP Travel Card are displayed in the right language what seems to be the right step but if you try to book the trip out of an other language it switches to the last chosen language for WP Travel Card.

    Also creating a new translation of WP Travel Card for example with pasting the short code does not work.
    The side cant be found or the english version gets loaded.

    So I understand there is no option to go with a free plug in like polylang and loco for translation?

    An other question:

    Do you have any seat counter after booking option so dates dont get over booked or is it only possible to change the reservation volume manually? Also: Do you leave the price per year for your plug in or does it cost 250.99$ next year?

    Kind Regards

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    Hello WP Travel Team,

    the fuktionality of your plugin in total is thoughtful tuned.
    It works very good in English, but it’s quite complicated to translate the travel card, travel checkout page and all following customer interaction in other languages.

    Could you help to find a solution?

    At the moment I’m using Loco Translate, Polylang and Elementor. Tried a few other plugins.
    Also on your recomended “Tourable” theme with a clean index data the travel card is shown in English even if you choose an other site at the settings.

    Thank you in advance!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)