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    Hello. We tried reinstalling the plugin, but that did not change the behavior.

    I do not believe that the home search widget and the sidenav search widget are using the same Search code, and thus the bug you fixed for the sidenav search has not been implemented into the home search.

    My reason for this belief is what I see when I inspect the URL after running the search.

    URL after search from Home Widget: https://blacktietravel.com/?post_type=itineraries&s=national+parks&itinerary_types=0&travel_locations=0&wp-travel_search=Search

    URL after search from Side Widget: https://blacktietravel.com/index.php/itinerary/?keyword=natural%20parks&itinerary_types=&travel_locations=&view_mode=grid

    As you can see, they are both not submitting the same set of parameters, and thus I believe they are not using the same code base.

    Can you please apply whatever fix you made to the Side Widget search to the Home Search, so that it properly return the keywords as well.


    in reply to: Filter Widget not searching "Keywords" #25063

    Hello. We noticed you have released an update to the plugin. We have updated to the latest version, and have some updates to this Support Case.

    First off, thanks for trying to address this concern. After updating to the latest version, I can confirm that it is nearly fully functional.

    Whatever fix you put in works on the side widget search: http://blacktietravel.com/support-help-7.jpg

    However it does not work when searching the same thing into the Home Page search: http://blacktietravel.com/support-help-8.jpg

    Submitting the Home Page search with “National Parks” it will return the “No trips found” screen, even tho the side widget does not: http://blacktietravel.com/support-help-9.jpg

    Thanks for doing your best to address the issue. Once this final bug is fixed, then our support ticket here is done!

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    Yes, I am searching with a white-space because EVERY user is going to put a space in-between the words when they’re searching. Using spaces is normal user behavior (AsPeopleDontNormallyWantToTypeWithoutSpaces… see?) and I consider this plugin VERY broken if it is not accepting White Spaces in the search.

    So when you say “Actually, everything is working fine regarding searching for trips using the keyword”, you are telling me that you guys consider a broken search widget acceptable for a production website? When people buy a plugin or theme, they expect that all the advertised functionality will ACTUALLY WORK.

    We need a solution for this search issue. If you can tell me where in the code I can make edits to your incomplete Search function, that would at least be a start.


    in reply to: Filter Widget not searching "Keywords" #24496

    The issue still persists. I have gone and modified the tags to not contain white spaces, but the search is still failing. See the screenshots below:



    As you can see, NaturalParks and NaturalPark have both been made a 1-word tags in the back-end, but when searching “National Parks” in the front-end search it still doesn’t get returned.

    We can deal with having no-whitespaces in the backend keywords, but expecting the users to have to search “NationalParks” with no white spaces is simply un-intuitive and no user is going to realize they have to search that way.

    We are going to need to find a solution for this. Any UX designer worth their salt would consider this widget broken, and we can’t accept “don’t use whitespaces” as an answer.

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    I really don’t think it is searching the Keyword. Here are some screenshots to prove it:

    Inside the admin, when editing the trip:


    As you can see, since “National Parks” is present in the trip type AND keywords, it should show up when searched. Alas, only “National Park” gets returned when searched, because it is only checking trip Title and Content. Here’s another example of what I’m talking about:


    This post also ONLY shows up when “Natural Park” is searched, not when “Natural Parks” is searched. As you can see, “Natural Parks” is present in the Keywords and the Trip Types, but is not present in the Title or Content. “National Park” IS in the content, which is the only reason it is showing up when I search the singular version of “National Park”.

    Here are 2 more screenshots, to show the search is behaving as I described:



    Please advise. Thanks.

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