WP Travel Integrations with WooCommerce are for the customer who wishes to use local payments available in WooCommerce other than payment gateways available in WP Travel Pro.

Proper preparation is essential for success when launching a travel e-commerce website with WP Travel and WooCommerce. Here, we will go over the most important considerations and best practices for WP Travel integrations with WooCommerce on your WP Travel site.

WP Travel Integrations with WooCommerce

Note: To get this feature, you need to enable WooCommerce Checkout

Points to Understand Before WP Travel Integrations with WooCommerce

What We Cannot Use In WP Travel After Integrating with WooCommerceWhat We Must Use In WP Travel After Integrating with WooCommerce
❌ Cannot use WP Travel Checkout.✔️Must use WooCommerce Checkout.
❌Cannot use the MultiCart and On-Page features of WP Travel.✔️ Must use WooCommerce Checkout Add-Ons.
❌ Cannot use the WP Traver field Editor function for the checkout page.✔️ Must use the WooCommerce checkout Field Editor feature.
❌Cannot use WP Travel payment gateways.✔️ Must use WooCommerce payment gateways.
❌Cannot use coupons from WP Travel.✔️ Must use WooCommerce coupons.
❌Cannot use multi-currency at checkout.✔️ Must use Currency Switcher Block (Multi-Currency feature) from WooCommerce.
❌ Cannot use booking email template except invoice.✔️ Must use the default WooCommerce email template.
❌ Won’t be able to verify the payment status from the booking table.✔️ Must verify from WooCommerce > Orders sections.
❌ Admin won’t get an email about pax selections.✔️ Admin must verify pax from booking section and can access pdf available at view booking details.
Table: Features that are restricted and available after WooCommerce Integration.

Pre-Integration Checks

To prevent disruptions, take the following steps before integrating WooCommerce:

Disable Conflicts:

  • Before enabling WooCommerce checkout, make sure to disable any conflicting checkouts on-page, multiple travellers, and multiple checkouts.
  • You must use currency, decimal, and thousand separators, as in WooCommerce and WP Travel.
  • Make sure to disable payment gateways before enabling WooCommerce.
  • Make sure to deactivate all plugins related to WooCommerce before disabling WooCommerce checkout in WP Travel.


If you require any additional assistance or have any concerns during the integration process, please do not hesitate to contact our support team. We are committed to making your transition to a WooCommerce-enabled WP Travel site as seamless and efficient as the journeys you create for your customers.

Embark on this integration with confidence, knowing that every step you take will lead to a stronger online presence and an unparalleled customer experience.


WP Travel Integration with WooCommerce requires careful attention; Understanding the complexities of payment gateways, managing product additions, avoiding fatal errors, optimizing the checkout experience, and managing inventory wisely pave the way for a successful online travel business.

Keep this guide handy as you work through the integration process, and remember that thorough planning leads to smooth execution.

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