Want to find out the world’s 10 Top Travel Influencers in 2024 according to Forbes? Then, go ahead and read this article.

Forbes listed the top 10 travel influencers worldwide who have succeeded in converting their dream into their profession.

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You will get to know about the most influential travel bloggers around the world.

Travel always makes everyone happy. But, sometimes you would like to follow influential persons and get reviews, experiences, tricks, and tips from them before traveling.

Here in this blog, we will talk about those top 10 travel influencers and how they have started their journey and become successful travel influencers.

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World’s 10 Top Travel Influencers in 2024

1. Brian Kelly from the United States:

Brian Kelly

Brian Kelly is one of the top travel influencers who started his journey in 2010 by publishing a blog in The Points Guy

Basically, he is the CEO and founder of The Points Guy where he shares his knowledge about experience traveling at a minimum cost.

In his blogs, he shares tricks as well as tips on how to travel by spending minimum cash. He is listed as a top travel influencer in Forbes.

In his Instagram account, he has 243K followers. His site The Points Guy gets 10 million monthly visits and has 3 million audiences on social media.

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2. Kate McCulley from the United States:

Kate McCulley

She is a solo female traveler in the USA who almost visited 83 countries to provide travel experiences to her audiences.

Besides, she also shares knowledge about the best accommodations available in Paris for her followers.

She has approximately 99.2k followers on her Instagram. People follow her because of her solo female travel experience.

Kate McCulley started her first site in 2002 and the name of that site is Adventurous Kate. Adventurous Kate gets 183.30k monthly visits.

In 2010, she left her job and started her career as a solo travel blogger.

She shares her experiences with the female travelers about traveling with safety. In her blogs, she provides guides and tips for her female fans to travel around the world by keeping safe.

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3. Kiersten Rich from the United States:

The Blonde Abroad

Kiersten Rich left her corporate management career at the age of 22 and started traveling around the world.

She didn’t keep her dream short. After gathering experience, she started her website The Blonde Abroad in 2017.

On her website, she shares personal travel experiences and tips to help women around the world. She gets 290.50k monthly traffic on her website.

She traveled to more than 70 countries and with this travel experience, she helps her female fans.

To find happiness in her career, she tried to set her career in Hollywood. But, after some time she realized that she still was not happy.

Finally, she started her career as a solo travel blogger and it worked. It really worked and now she is the top travel influencer of 2020 according to Forbes.

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4. Eric Stoen from the United States:

Eric Stoen

Eric Stoen is the founder of Travel Babbo which he launched in 2014.

At an early age, he used to work in healthcare. But, in 2014 he quit his job and started to work as a travel blogger and photographer.

He didn’t stop here. Eric Stoen traveled around 90 countries and seven continents in the world.

He didn’t grow on this philosophy of traveling alone. Moreover, he takes his children everywhere he travels. He also inspires others to do it.

Later, he also found out about his photography talent. He is now the brand ambassador of AFAR Magazines, GoDaddy.

Eric Stoen is now Forbes Forbes-listed top travel influencer who motivates others to travel with the family.

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5. Louis Cole from the United Kingdom:

Top travel influencers

Louis Cole is a top YouTube travel vlogger and blogger in the UK. He has 1.99M subscribers on his FunForLouis YouTube channel. Louis has 1.3M+ Instagram and 924K+ Twitter followers.

He started his vlogging journey in 2012. After consistently posting of vlog on his YouTube channel, he earned 2M+ subscribers on his famous FunForLouis channel.

He started different projects at different times.

Besides, he is working with Land Rover, Sony, and many other brands worldwide.

Moreover, he has the biggest professional community on LinkedIn which has 5M+ followers.

6. Chris Burkard from the United States:

Top travel influencers

Chris Burkard is one of the top famous travel influencers in the United States. He is a blogger, photographer, influencer, explorer at the same time speaker at TED.

In 2009, he started his blogging career.

He also worked with Patagonia as a project photographer. 3.6 Million people follow him on Instagram because of his unique uploading of photos.

He traveled to Iceland 28 times so that he could save the river system by creating awareness among people.

He is a travel blogger who loves nature very much and motivates others to save it with his blog.

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7. The Planet D (Canada):

Top travel influencers

Dave and Deb are the founders of The Planet D travel blog. They started this journey in 2007.

After that, they visited around 115 countries to gather their experience as a travel blogger.

They share travel tips and experiences through their blogs. However, they have started blogging because of passion.

But, after starting their writing, they won SATW’s award two times.

Their website The Planet D gets 97.30K monthly visits. They have 46.1k YouTube subscribers, 196K followers on Facebook, and 208 followers on Instagram.

Dave and Dev are a couple of travel blogger who shares their real travel experience and tips with the world.

8. Johnny Jet from the United States:

Top travel influencers

Johnny Jet is a real-life travel star who started his newsletter in 1995 just for fun purposes.

His real name is John Discala. though everyone knows him as Johnny Jet.

He was never a travel freak at his early age. Day by day he overcame his fear and started a new life that he didn’t think of before.

Finally, in 1999 he started his website, Johnny Jet. Here, he receives 277.90K monthly visits.

He has 28K followers on Instagram, 192.5K followers on Twitter, and 9.9K followers on Pinterest. Johnny Jet also worked with many brands like Ritz-Carlton, Marriott, and Avis.

9. Damon and Jo from the United States:

Top travel influencers

Damon and Jo are famous YouTubers who can speak five different languages.

Basically, their full names are Damon Dominique and Brazilian Jo Franco who got to know each other in their college.

After that, they started filming their travel videos and posted them on YouTube.

They earned 1.2M subscribers on YouTube through their videos.

Damon and Jo also created their own website, Shut Up And Go.

There they share different travel blogs, tips, and tricks of traveling. They get 66.10K monthly visits to their website.

10. Murad and Nataly Osmann from Russia:

Top travel influencers

Murad and Nataly Osmann are a Russian couple who took a simple shot on the way to Barcelona in 2011. Luckily, that went viral.

Then, they started to create a #followmeto photo series and posted their experience and tricks on their website Followmeto.Travel.

Due to their unique ideas and blogs, they have 439K+ followers on Instagram. They are the leading digital stars and Forbes listed them as the top ten travel influencers.

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