With the release of WP Travel v6.4.1 and WP Travel Pro v5.4.1, we have added the WPML Migrations option in the setting so that it would help the user in the Translation through WPML.

To use the WPML Migrations option  WP Travel plugin must be of v6.4.1 and WP Travel Pro of v5.4.1. Now, let’s follow the steps to translate using WPML.

 Steps 1: Enable WPML Migrations by going through Admin Panel >  WP Travel > Settings > Advanced >Debug as shown in the screenshot below. Also, don’t forget to save the settings.

Step 2: After saving the changes click on the Migrate option as shown in the screenshot below: 

Step 3: Go to WPML settings and you have to enable the custom field for translation.












Step 4: If you have added the Custom Filter, then you need to enable the translation for the custom filter under Taxonomies Translation by going to Admin Panel > WPML > Settings > Taxonomies Translation.

Step 5: After saving all the changes go to Admin Panel > Trips > All Trips and click on the plus sign as shown in the screenshot to translate.

Step 6: Then the Translation Editor appears, where you can add the translated text one by one.

Note: Only translate the text where there is ” + ” sign.

Step 7: Now to translate the custom filter, go to Taxonomy Translation under WPML and select the custom filter as shown in the screenshot.

Step 8: After selecting the custom filter option, click the ” + ” sign to add the translation of the custom filter.

Step 9: Change the text as per your requirement.

Note: You don’t need to translate the slug.

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