You can translate WP Travel plugin to another language as per your requirement by following below given steps:

Step1: First of all, log in to (if you don’t have account please create one from here) then click the link to choose the required language in which you are willing to translate the WP Travel plugin from the list of languages.

Step2: After selecting the required language, you will be redirected to next page then please select Stable (latest release) project as shown in screen shot below:

Step3: Here you will see list of strings which need to be translated. So, you have to add translated string either by double clicking the column where Double-click to add placeholder is displaying or buy clicking Details button. After adding translated string don’t forget to click suggest button.

Step4: For the translation approval you have to send request as translation editor as General Translation Editor (GTE) needs to approve these translated strings to nominate a user as a Project Translation Editor (PTE). To send Project Translation Editor (PTE) request, please follow the steps mentioned in the link.

If you have any queries, please submit it to our contact page.