Hello, fellow adventurers are you looking forward to learning about the highest paying travel affiliate programs in 2024; (Top 20 Lists)?

Imagine this: Your travel tales not only inspire wanderlust but also enrich your treasury

That’s why travel affiliate programs are attractive like an in-build tour operator plugin, offering you the chance to earn even as a home-based travel agent

Here are some of the best travel affiliate programs you can join to turn your love for exploring and sharing into meaningful rewards.

Little things can matter when you are about to start a travel blog like using the Best Tour Operator Plugin that allows you to create a travel website within minutes versus spending money on hiring highly paid developers consuming weeks of time

You can explore and test the best travel agency themes and templates to find the one that perfectly aligns with your website. This way, you can ensure your website suits your needs and preferences seamlessly.

We are excited to present some affiliate programs for travel bloggers. Some of the affiliate programs are for experienced travel bloggers, and some are for new travel bloggers.

Both types of travel bloggers will get the advantage of reading this content.

Whether you’re experienced in travel or new to travel blogging, this guide will be your guiding light. Come with us as we explore the top travel affiliate programs, turning your blog into a source of both inspiration and income.

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Highest Paying Travel Affiliate Programs: Top 20+

(1). WP Travel : (Highest Paying Travel Affiliate Program):30% Commission

WP Travel is the best WordPress travel plugin which has the highest-paying travel affiliate programs that offer a flat 30% commission. A free powerful travel engine (available in WP Travel Pro version with additional features) for making customized travel agency or tour operator websites on WordPress in minutes!

Sign up to our affiliate within a few minutes to earn a 30% flat commission. Simply click on the Become Our Affiliate link and provide your information. We will approve your application super fast so that you can start earning immediately.

After getting approval, you will get your dashboard where you will find all required assets and links for your promotional activities. You can even see how you are progressing with referrals and sales in real-time.

Our team deploys affiliate payouts regularly so you will get your payments each month. We value and respect your hard work so we will do our level best to provide your earnings on time.

You can explore WP Travel user opinion, including overviews, pros and cons, plans and pricing, compatibility, and performance tests simultaneously.

Join the WP Travel Affiliate Program and start earning by monetizing your travel platforms.

Commission Rate: 30%

(2). Travelpayouts affiliate program

travelpayouts, travelpayouts.com

Travelpayouts is a big platform that brings together lots of well-known brands and services related to travel, such as flights, places to stay, transportation options, travel insurance, and more.

This platform is particularly helpful for people who write about travel and want to collaborate with various companies that offer affiliate programs.

It has a useful dashboard that makes it easy to earn money from your travel-focused writing.

Signing up for Travelpayouts is simple and quick, taking just a few clicks. Once you register, you’ll be able to join some of the best affiliate programs in the travel world, including ones like World Nomads and even the famous TripAdvisor affiliate program.

This is a way to do affiliate marketing, where you share special links and when people use them to book things like hotel stays or flights, you get a part of the money as a commission.

The good thing is that this platform is available all the time, 24 hours a day.

If you’re into the world of travel and have a blog or a website about it, this is perfect for you. You can make money by promoting things like hotel bookings and vacation rentals.

You’ll be part of the travel industry and get a portion of the money you help make. It’s like having your own little business online.

Plus, you can connect with other affiliate networks and use special links that go deep into the websites of the companies you’re working with. This is a great way to turn your travel website into a way to earn some extra cash.

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(3). Booking.com: affiliate program


Booking.com is a popular travel affiliate program for travel bloggers. This hotel booking platform is often the top converter for travel bloggers.

They also have an affiliate partner program that is open for anyone with a blog/website, an “tour plugin,” an app, or a travel agency.

If you can offer the best choice of accommodations, this program is for you. It is free and easy to sign up offering a search box, deep linking, and banner integration options.

With many partner hotels, airlines, and car rentals, Booking.com is a huge travel marketplace. It’s well-known worldwide, which is great for you and your readers. People trust Booking.com, and they often book through it.

In the world of affiliate marketing for travel, Booking.com is a popular choice. They offer commissions, and it’s a reliable way to earn money from your travel website.

Plus, they have 24/7 availability, and you can connect with other affiliate networks too. It’s a perfect fit for your travel niche and website.

(4). Viator affiliate program


Viator is a platform for booking travel tours, experiences, and activities.

While more prominent in Europe, GetYourGuide focuses on offering activities in Europe, whereas Viator shines with its array of options in the United States and Canada.

If your aim is domestic tourism in North America, Viator’s affiliate program can be a valuable addition to your travel blog.

They provide an 8% base commission rate. Moreover, with a 30-day cookie period, readers who click your link have ample time to confirm their travel plans.

To make the most of Viator’s program, emphasize tours with top-notch reviews, ratings, and captivating photos.

Incorporating your personal images and experiences into your article can contribute to a strong conversion rate.

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(5). GetYourGuide affiliate program

get your guide

GetYourGuide is a leading platform catering to an array of travel enthusiasts looking to book various travel experiences.

These encompass a collection of captivating options, including guided tours, boat rides, and the convenience of skip-the-line tickets to renowned attractions.

With city guides designed to simplify urban exploration and group tours serving diverse sizes of travelers, GetYourGuide offers a comprehensive travel solution.

What distinguishes GetYourGuide is its innovative approach, engaging both local tour operators and presenting its own specially curated “Originals” series.

These Originals tours are carefully crafted based on extensive data analysis of travelers’ preferences, ensuring a blend of popular and unique experiences.

From a financial perspective, GetYourGuide’s affiliate program is appealing.

Under its direct program, a solid base commission rate of 8% awaits affiliate partners. Impressively, successful affiliates can potentially negotiate even higher rates, up to an attractive 10% or even 12%.

Enhancing this affiliate-friendly structure is a generous 30-day cookie period, providing ample time for potential customers to convert.

This feature proves particularly advantageous if your travel blog boasts a focus on Europe, where GetYourGuide offers an expansive array of activities.

However, the key to realizing the full potential of the program lies in strategic implementation.

The strategic promotion of these activities within your content at pivotal moments when your audience is most engaged significantly impacts conversion rates and, consequently, earnings.

To sum up, GetYourGuide stands as a dynamic and comprehensive platform addressing the multifaceted preferences of modern travelers.

Its affiliate program, featuring competitive commission rates and an extended cookie period, offers a prime opportunity for travel bloggers seeking to monetize their platforms effectively.

By aligning your content with audience needs and booking trends, you can harness the true potential of the GetYourGuide affiliate program, capitalizing on keywords like “best travel affiliate programs,”

“affiliate programs for travel bloggers,” and more, as well as concepts like commission rates, affiliate income, deep links, and travel niches.

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(6). Expedia Affiliate Program for Hotels


Expedia is a reliable travel partner, teaming up with hotels, airlines, car rental companies, and cruise lines worldwide. This makes it a great choice for travel blogs like yours to join their affiliate program.

Within the expansive Expedia Group, you’ll discover well-known names such as Hotels.com, VRBO, Orbitz, Agoda, Stayz, and Travelocity. These brands are trusted and respected by your readers.

The amount you earn from Expedia ranges from 2% to 6%, depending on which brand your readers use and where they are located.

With its high conversion rates, you can earn money covering your travel expenses. The time cookies last also varies, lasting either 7 or 30 days.

To get started, you’ll need to go through Commission Junction (CJ) or Partnerize, as Expedia doesn’t have its own direct affiliate program.

This includes the Hotels.com Affiliate Program and other brands under Expedia.

In summary, Expedia is a solid choice for your travel blog’s affiliate program with a good commission rate, offering well-known brands and competitive earnings.

It fits right into the world of affiliate marketing, where you can earn money through affiliate links and your travel niche expertise.

Your travel website becomes a hub for earning affiliate income, connecting with readers 24/7 through deep links to vacation rentals, hotel bookings, and more in the travel industry.

(7). TripAdvisor Affiliate Program


The TripAdvisor affiliate program is a perfect fit for travel vloggers, offering impressive commission rates through referral programs and affiliate links.

This program guarantees a consistent income stream, particularly from hotel bookings. Users also enjoy access to a treasure trove of content,

including a staggering 795 million reviews and 1.4 million accommodation options.

When you guide users to specific hotels on TripAdvisor, you can earn a minimum of 50% of the commission acquired from their hotel booking partners.

This applies when users land on TripAdvisor through your affiliate link and subsequently explore the partners’ websites.

Importantly, even if users don’t finalize bookings, you can still earn. By leading users to TripAdvisor through your link and prompting them to click hotel booking links, you secure your commission.

It’s an uncomplicated way to capitalize on the benefits of the TripAdvisor affiliate program.

If you’re interested in pursuing a career in travel blogging, check out our comprehensive guide on how to become a successful travel blogger.

(8). RentalCars.com affiliate program

rental cars

The Affiliate Program of RentalCars.com highlights the enormous potential of transportation for travel bloggers.

As a significant platform for comparing rental cars, RentalCars.com boasts widespread recognition and offers appealing deals.

Whether you’re a fan of road trips or prioritize social distancing, rental car affiliate programs seamlessly complement your travel-focused content.

Among the crucial options in rental car affiliate programs are RentalCars.com and Discover Cars. Experimenting with both could be a strategic move, allowing you to optimize your affiliate earnings.

With RentalCars.com’s broad appeal and Discover Cars’ distinctive offerings, you can tailor your approach and cater to diverse preferences.

This adaptability is crucial for captivating your audience and maximizing your affiliate gains.

By tapping into the essence of the best travel affiliate programs, including top travel affiliate programs and those catering to travel bloggers, you can curate an effective affiliate strategy.

This strategy encompasses elements like affiliate marketing, affiliate links, earning a commission, and boosting your affiliate income, making your travel blog a source of both inspiration and income.

(9). HostelWorld affiliate program


For those offering to a budget-conscious audience, HostelWorld presents itself as a viable alternative to Booking.com.

This rings especially true if your readership comprises college students, young travelers, or individuals with a penchant for embarking on long-term journeys without breaking the bank.

Although my personal hostel stays are from some time ago, our research illuminated a plethora of HostelWorld links embedded within esteemed travel blogs and websites.

Even if hostels aren’t your usual preference, it’s worth recognizing that HostelWorld is diversifying its portfolio to include the burgeoning market of travel experiences.

This strategic expansion indicates a broader appeal that goes beyond the traditional hostel-dwelling crowd.

As the travel industry continues to evolve, these moves by HostelWorld might resonate with a wider spectrum of travelers, thus making it a relevant consideration for your audience.

(10). Interrail Pass / Eurail Pass affiliate program


Interrail is like a ticket that lets you travel around Europe using trains. It covers 33 different countries, making it a super flexible way to explore.

Even if you miss a train, no worries – you can easily catch the next one without any hassle. And guess what?

You don’t need to stress about buying train tickets ahead of time. However, for faster trains or night trains, you might need to reserve a seat, which could cost a bit extra.

There are two types of passes: one for traveling multiple days and another for traveling between different countries.

This gives you the freedom to plan your journey just the way you like. And if you’re really into discovering one specific country, you can go for a pass that covers only that.

For folks who live in Europe, there’s something called “Interrail.” But no matter where you’re from, you can earn a cool 3% commission by telling others about it which is a very good commission rate.

(11). World Nomads affiliate program

world nomads

World Nomads stands out as a premier travel insurance choice. With coverage for over 200 activities and safeguards against trip cancellations and medical emergencies, it meets various travel needs.

Importantly, well-known travel brands like Lonely Planet trust and support World Nomads.

One compelling aspect is the company’s ethical dedication. A remarkable 70% of its customers opt to make micro-donations alongside purchasing their insurance.

This collective effort has yielded an impressive $3 million, supporting more than 100 global projects.

For affiliate marketers, World Nomads presents an appealing proposition. The affiliate program offers a solid 10% commission per qualified sale, further bolstered by an extended 60-day cookie window.

This translates to ample time for conversions, increasing the earning potential for affiliates.

In essence, World Nomads not only ensures comprehensive travel coverage but also champions ethical initiatives.

Its affiliate program provides a lucrative avenue for marketers to align with a reputable brand while enjoying attractive commissions and an extended conversion window.

A true win-win for those seeking reliable insurance and affiliate rewards.

(12). Go City affiliate program

Go City Affiliate Program

The Go City affiliate program is great for travel bloggers who focus on city exploration and sightseeing.

This program allows affiliates to earn commissions by promoting Go City passes.

These passes offer tourists a convenient and cost-effective way to explore many attractions and tours in major cities worldwide.

It is a good fit for bloggers who aim to help their audience discover and enjoy city highlights with ease and value.

(13). G Adventures Affiliated Program

G Adventures Affiliate Program

The G Adventures Affiliate Program is a great opportunity for travel bloggers who focus on unique, adventurous, and sustainable travel experiences.

G Adventures specializes in small-group tours that emphasize real experiences and responsible travel.

By joining their affiliate program, bloggers can earn commissions by promoting these tours to their audience. 

(14). Kayak Affiliate Program

Kayak Affiliate Program

Kayak Affiliate Program offers a seamless and profitable way for travel bloggers to enhance their blog’s earning potential.

Bloggers have the opportunity to earn commissions when they promote Kayak’s extensive range of services.

These services include comprehensive search tools for flights, hotels, and car rentals.

It provides integration tools, such as customizable search boxes and advanced APIs.

These tools are designed to blend effortlessly into a blog’s existing layout, ensuring a smooth user experience.

(15). Klook Affiliate Program

Klook Affilitate

As a Klook affiliate, you can share links to Klook’s various tours and experiences on your blog.

When your readers click these links and make a booking, you earn a commission.

This program is appealing if your blog focuses on unique travel experiences and things to do in different destinations.

Klook offers a wide range of activities, from city tours to adventure experiences, meaning there’s something for every type of traveler. 

(16). ShareASale affiliate program

ShareASale Affiliate Program

The ShareASale Affiliate Program is a platform where bloggers and website owners can discover and participate in various affiliate marketing opportunities. 

It is similar to a marketplace where various companies offer affiliate deals.

As a travel blogger, you can search through a variety of travel-related programs on ShareASale, choose the ones that are relevant to your content, and begin promoting their products or services.

When your readers click on these affiliate links and make purchases, you earn a commission.

It is a flexible way to monetize your blog, with a diverse range of travel brands and services to choose from. It is well-known for its user-friendly interface and dependable payment system, making it a favorite among bloggers.

(17). Tortuga Backpacks affiliate program

The Tortuga Affiliate Program is an exclusive group of creators, bloggers, gear reviewers, podcasters, publications, and brands that align with values

To provide high-quality support, they keep the affiliate program small considering applications from websites with a Domain Authority of 25+ according to Ahrefs, and monthly visitors of at least 50,000.

10% commission on every sale that you refer

(18). Lonely Planet affiliate program

Lonely Planet Affiliate Program

The Lonely Planet Affiliate Program provides an excellent opportunity for travel bloggers to earn commissions by promoting Lonely Planet travel guidebooks and digital products.

It is appropriate for bloggers who focus on travel planning and destination guides. It pays commissions on digital downloads, making it a good option for content creators.

Bloggers can embed Lonely Planet product links in their blogs or websites, and the blogger receives a commission every time a reader purchases through these links.

This program is simple to use, allowing bloggers to monetize their content while also providing their audience with useful travel resources.

(19). Plum Guide affiliate program

Plum Guide affiliate program

The Plum Guide affiliate program focuses on promoting luxury vacation home rentals.

It is an ideal match for travel bloggers who serve an upscale audience interested in high-end travel experiences.

The program is known for its carefully curated collection of premium homes, which sets it apart in the luxury travel market.

As an affiliate, bloggers can earn commissions by directing their readers to book these exclusive properties.

(20). Contiki Affiliate Program

Contiki Affiliate Program

Contiki travel tours are popular among younger travelers.

By joining this program, bloggers can earn commissions by promoting Contiki’s exciting range of tours and travel packages, which are popular for their social and adventurous nature.

These tours offer unique experiences across various global destinations, making them attractive to a younger audience seeking memorable journeys. 

(21). Orbitz Affiliate Program

Orbitz Affiliate Program

The Orbitz Affiliate Program is a straightforward and effective way for travel bloggers to earn money.

Bloggers can add links to Orbitz travel products, like flights, hotels, and vacation packages, on their website or blog.

When someone clicks on these links and makes a booking, the blogger earns a commission.

It is particularly suitable for bloggers who cover a variety of travel topics and want to offer their audience a one-stop shop for travel bookings.

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In the end, my fellow explorers, you have the ability to change your love for travel into wonderful rewards.

The best travel affiliate programs are like your secret tools, helping your blog inspire others and make money.

It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced traveler or just starting out, these programs have something for everyone.

From Travelpayouts’ easy dashboard to Booking.com’s trusted hotels, each program can help you earn.

Viator and GetYourGuide have exciting adventures, while Expedia’s famous names mean you can count on getting paid. TripAdvisor keeps the money coming, and RentalCars.com helps you earn by promoting car rentals.

And don’t forget about Interrail, giving you the chance to explore Europe by train, and Klook’s cool experiences. These programs connect your travel dreams with making money.

So, fellow adventurers, remember these incredible programs can turn your travel tales into profitable adventures.

Share links, and tips, and create a blog that satisfies your love for travel and your wallet. Let your stories inspire and these programs bring income.

Start your affiliate journey and let your travel blog shine with inspiration and earnings. Enjoy amazing travels and rewards!

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