Going on a trip is always feels so right. But, Before traveling, you need to prepare a travel packing checklist that will help you to pack all things without forgetting anything. If you are a new traveler then, it would be great to find a handy travel packing checklist. So, here you are.

Booking a hotel for staying or choosing a vacation spot is easier than packing your luggage without having a travel packing checklist. There is one 100% chance that you will forget at least one necessary thing. Even if you are a tour operator then, you must have the knowledge about it. As it will let you help your customers. So, be prepared and create a checklist that will help you to pack your luggage.

That’s why in this blog I will talk about the things that you should include in your travel packing checklist. So, let’s drive in.

Things you should put into your travel packing checklist for a 5 days trip

When you will go on a trip there are lots of essential things that you should pack for traveling. If you are a first-time traveler then, it would be hard for you to decide international travel packing checklist that will guide you on what to pack for 3 or 5 days of family vacation. So, here I have decided to provide you the best travel packing checklist that you can use before traveling:

1. Clothes that you can use for five days:

It is unthinkable and at the same time impossible to use one set of cloth for a whole vacation. You need to take at least 2 sets of clothes that you can use alternatively through washing. But, it is suggested to take at least five sets of clothes for your long trip.

I am sure if you are a person who loves to share every moment on social media then, you would never like to share your stories or photos wearing the same cloth. Eventually, if your not a social person then, you also don’t like this idea either. So, put at least five sets of clothes.

2. Comfortable shoes that you can wear the whole day:

If you have previous travel experience then, you must know how important is a pair of comfortable shoes that you can wear the whole day. When you will go on a trip where you need to walk a lot then, its importance can’t be expressed in words.

You should also take a pair of sneakers that you can use for a cool Instagram photo.

3. Disposal shower cap to keep your bag clean:

Putting shoes into your bag without using disposal shower caps for your shoes is really gross. It will make your other stuff dirty. Moreover, you can’t use them without washing. So, don’t increase your work more by putting dirty or less dirty shoes in the bag. Even, if you did use it once, I am sure you don’t want to mix it with your other things. Do include it in your travel packing checklist.

4. Comfy nightwear for your trip:

If you are a comfy freak person like me then, putting super comfy nightwear will be your first and foremost priority. besides, a peaceful and comfortable sleep on the trip will boost your enjoyment.

Never forget it if you can’t have a comfortable sleep wearing anything.

5. Slippers for your extra comfort that you want to have:

After mentioning comfy nightwear, you would love to hear about keeping comfy slippers in your luggage. As slippers are essential for a comfy freak person. Don’t forget to take it if you are a comfy freak.

6. toiletry bag where you can keep all necessary items:

Using a toiletry bag that you can hang will help you to put your necessary things in one place. Besides, you don’t need to keep your necessary stuff on the damp surface of the toilet. Moreover, you don’t want to keep things in your luggage that are wet. It is really gross.

That is why it is perfect to use a toiletry bag for these things.

7. Few party clothes:

It is quite unbelievable that you will go on a trip but will not attend a party in a new place with your friends and family members. After going there if you will find out that you need to attend a party then I am sure you would not like to attend that in your casual clothes. So, keep everything included in your travel packing checklist before forgetting it out.

8. Some necessary things like spectacles, contact lenses, etc:

This is a must-have item for the travel packing checklist for people who can’t see properly without these. So, never forget it behind, as you can’t imagine your trip without these essentials.

9. Cosmetic items like body lotion, lip balm, shower gel, dry shampoo, sunscreen, body spray, facial wipes, and others:

There is a huge misconception that girls only use cosmetic items. Because there are some cosmetics items that both boys and girls need, during their vacation. For example body lotion, lip balm, shower gel, sunscreen, dry shampoo, facial wipes, body spray, etc. These things are essential for both boys and girls. Include it in your travel packing checklist. Because you will badly need those if the weather is very dry and rough.

10. Medicine box where you will have all your medicines including inhaler if you need it:

A medicine box is another must-have item that you need during your trip. Because most people fall ill during their traveling. As they can’t adjust to the new weather. An inhaler is a must if you are a user of it. Besides, it’s a hassle if you fall ill in the new place and can’t find medicine. So, it is wise to be prepared for any unwanted situation.

11. First aid box for any sudden accident:

Anything can happen in a new place. So, including a first aid box is wise. Though you may think it is unnecessary. But, I will suggest you to have it at the time of travel.

12. Power bank for charging your smartphone, cameras:

Think you go for a vacation but suddenly your mobile’s battery gets down. What you will do if you find no place to charge your mobile or camera?

In that case, having a power bank can be a life savior. As it is portable and you can use it anywhere.

13. Camera for capturing stunning moments:

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Most people travel because they want to capture their beautiful moments and share them on social media. If you are a social person who wants to post high-quality photos and freak about the quality of the photo, then don’t forget to take a camera for your vacation. Besides, people who love photography can’t think about their vacation without a camera. Keep it in your travel packing checklist if you are a photo lover.

14. Mobile phone with global SIM card That will help you to contact globally:

Not only a trip, but you also can’t even think about going for shopping without taking your mobile phone. In fact, when you are going on a trip, a mobile phone with a global SIM card is essential. As you can’t use your regular SIM card during traveling to another country. You can take a Chat SIM card that will provide you apps, through that you can chat throughout the year. Must include global SIM in your abroad travel packing checklist.

15. Wallet with necessary cards:

Take your wallet with you where you will keep all your cards and money. As you will need cards and money to buy a product or service in a new place.

16. One photocopy of your passport:

When you are in a new place, any unwanted thing can happen to you. Like you can lose your passport at the airport. You know what trouble, you can into if you lost your passport. So, it is essential to keep a photocopy of your passport in your luggage.

17. A bag pack that is lightweight and travel-friendly:

Always take a travel-friendly bag pack with you when you are going for a trip. A bag pack in that you can carry lots of things and at the same time, it should give you comfort during traveling. Include it in your travel packing checklist as well.

18. Raincoat or umbrella:

Weather is always unpredictable. You never know what weather you will have tomorrow. So, keep a raincoat or umbrella for extra protection.