The travel agency business is now something that most people want to do.

The main purpose of a travel agency is to make planning a trip easier and more useful for their customers by giving them information and making reservations.

Flights, hotels, transportation, trips, and other events can all be booked through the travel company.

If you learn about tour-related ideas and get knowledge from these articles, you’ll be able to start your travel agency in the travel industry. 

What is a Travel Agency?

define travel agency

A travel agency is a business that helps people and groups choose, plan, and book travel-related services. Flights, hotels, rides, trips, sports, and other things can be a part of these services.

Most travel companies know about a lot of different trips that their clients can take that fit their wants and budgets.

A lot of travel and tour operators also hire people called tour agents who know a lot about important things like visa rules, places to visit, and travel trends. 

They plan and organize everything so that their clients’ trips are as easy, fun, and stress-free as possible.

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Types of Travel Agency

types of travel operator-WP Travel

Several types of travel agencies meet the wants and tastes of different travelers.

These are the most common travel agencies related to the travel industry:

1. Traditional Travel Agencies

These agencies are physical office companies where customers can go and talk to the tour planners. They give specialized services and often a wide range of trip needs.

2. Online Travel Agencies

Online Travel Agencies(OTAs) run the online trip business, where their websites or mobile apps provide tourists with book flights, rooms, rental cars, and other trip services. Expedia and are some examples.

3. Corporate Travel Operators

The corporate travel service makes trip plans for companies and groups. They take care of bookings for businesses, make deals, and offer services like keeping track of costs.

4. Consolidators

Consolidators buy a large number of plane tickets at a discount, they sell them at a lower price to travel companies or directly to customers.

5. Franchise Travel Services

Franchise companies work under a bigger brand name and use marketing, technology, and support systems in the travel industry that have already been set up. 

Within the franchise network, owners of travel companies get the training and tools they need to run their businesses.

Purposes of Travel Agency

The main purpose of travel agencies is to facilitate and enhance the tour experiences for individuals and groups. 

1. Convenience

Travel companies try to make planning a trip easier by letting people book flights, hotels, transportation, events, and other services related to travel all in one place. 

2. Expertise and Advice

Trip planners hire knowledgeable agents who can offer expert advice and recommendations based on their suggestions of different places or destinations.

Similarly, travel agents shared their experiences of various destinations, travel trends, visa requirements and more.

3. Access to Deals and Discounts

Airlines, hotels, ship lines, tour operators, and other travel companies often offer deals, discounts, and packages that only travel agencies can get.

They can help customers get the most for their money and save money on their trip costs by taking advantage of deals.

4. Risk Management

Travel agencies help mitigate risks associated with travel by giving travelers information or knowledge on safety, health issues, and security in different places.

5. Customer Services

Travel agencies or companies make sure their clients are happy by giving each one of them high-quality service and individual care.

Overall, the travel company’s main goal is to make planning a trip easier, more fun, and less stressful for their costumes by giving them advice, making things easier.

What does Travel Agency do?

Travel agency works, services

Many services travel agencies offer to make it easier and better for people and groups to trip.

One of the things that a travel agency does is the following:

1. Travel Planning

Travel agencies support the client in planning their trips by talking about their tastes, hobbies, income, and any special requirements they may have.  

2. Booking Services

These companies are called travel agents that help people book flights, hotels, rental cars, airport transfers, trips, events, and other services related to travel. 

They can use online tools and scheduling systems to get reservations for their clients.

3. Customized Itineraries

Most tour operators make personalized trip plans based on what their clients want and what they’re interested in. 

4. Travel Documentation

It supports you on trip documents like passports, visas, travel insurance, and any other paperwork that is needed is available from travel companies. 

Before a client leaves on a trip, they make sure that all of their paperwork is in order.

5. Emergency Support

Travel companies are there to help their customers in case of accidents or other problems that come up during their trip. 

In this case, they might rebook flights, arrange alternative accommodations, or give advice on medical help or legal issues.

6. Customer Services

Tour Operators prioritize customer happiness first by giving each client great services and individual care.

Services offered by Travel Agency

services offered

There are a lot of services travel agencies provide to meet the news and preferences of travelers. 

Trip planner aims to ease the trip planning process, provide expert advice and support, and ensure a smooth and enjoyable travel experience for their clients.

These are some common services provided by travel agencies.

  • Flight Booking
  • Accommodation Booking
  • Transportation Services
  • Tour Packages
  • Cruise Booking 
  • Travel Insurance
  • Visa Assistance
  • Destination Recommendations
  • Emergency Assistance

Overall, the travel agency’s purpose is to ease the trip schedule process, deliver expert advice and support, and provide smooth and enjoyable trip experiences for their customers.

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Functions of the Travel Agency

The main function of a travel agency revolves around assisting and arranging various parts of travel and people and groups. 

The purpose of a travel agency is to ease the trip planning process, provide expert advice and support, and improve the entire trip experience for their customers.

Here’s an overview of the key tasks of a travel agency:

1. Booking Services

Travel agencies handle the planning process for flights, lodgings, transportation, trips, events, and other travel-related services.

2. Information and Advice

Most travel agency provides guidance and formation on different parts of the travel, visa requirements, and health and safety measures. 

3. Customer Services

Travel companies put customer happiness first by giving each client great service and individual care.

4. Negotiation and Coordination

The travel agencies deal with tour operator suppliers, including airlines, trip suppliers, and hotel and tour operators to secure good terms and rates for their clients.

Differences between Travel Agency and Travel Agent

Travel Agency Travel Agent
Travel agencies provide clients with a lot of different travel-related services. Travel agent works for a travel agency and helps customers plan and book their trips.
It provides various services, like helping people get visas and booking flights and hotels. They help their clients make all the plans, schedule, documentations they need for their trip.
It might hire more than one travel agent to help customers plan and book their trips.  Some travel agents focus on certain types of trips, places to visit, or groups of customers.
Travel agencies give their customers better deals and lower prices, travel services work together with other businesses.  They know about different trip places, visa needs, travel rules, and industry trends so they can give clients correct information and help.

A trip agency is a business company that offers other-related services, while a trip agent is a person hired by or connected with a tour operator who helps clients with their trip planning and bookings. 

These are some key differences between a travel agency and a travel agent:

differences between travel agency and travel agent

In summary, travel agencies may have multiple trip agents working under their umbrella to help the clients, while a tour agent may work separately as a part of a bigger company.


Travel companies are essential businesses in the travel industry, acting as intermediaries between tourists and travel providers. They offer a range of services to ease trip planning and booking.

These companies can take the form of standard brick-and-mortar businesses, or online-based platforms. 

Each type of service responds to different tastes and wants, providing accessibility to a wide range of travel-related customers. 

Regardless of their form, the primary goal of travel companies stays consistent: to provide ease, knowledge, and support throughout the trip process. 

They give personalized systems to help, access to exclusive deals, and 24/7 assistance before, during, and after the trip.

By offering personalized solutions and reducing travel risks, travel companies play a crucial role in allowing enjoyable and stress-free travel experiences for individuals and groups.


What are the main types of travel agencies?

There are two types of agencies, retail tour operators and wholesale travel agencies. 
These travel companies, as well as tour providers, operate as intermediaries. The main goal is the buying and selling process in the travel business.

What is the global market size of the travel agency in 2024?

The global market size of the travel agency industry is estimated at nearly 296 billion U.S. dollars as of January 2024. (Source)

How many travel agencies are in the travel industry?

Overall, roughly 589 thousand travel companies operated in the tourism industry, with employment reaching approximately three million.