A travel management company (TMC) or corporate travel management company which supports travel-related companies and agencies handling plans and arrangements.

In today’s world, the travel and tourism business market is rising continuously. According to Statista reports, the travel and tourism market will expand rapidly by 188% by 2028.

Let’s learn about the travel management company’s definition, features, benefits, and differences.

What is TMC in the Travel Industry?

TMC in travel industry

There is an expert service in the travel industry called Travel Management Company (TMC) that handles the travel-related needs and plans of businesses and organizations.

TMCs are focusing on managing trips for the customers. Their different services are meant to simplify the process, lower costs, and make sure that the company follow the rules and guidelines.

These companies can get a lot better at managing their trip needs by getting professional advice, advanced technology solutions, and complete support. 

Aside from that, they help keep costs low and improve the trip overall for travelers and their clients.

This travel management company or travel agency finds the best deals by focusing on the related customers and following the travel policy.

Most of the company and agencies offer the latest technologies, and online booking tools, that support finding the target audiences and making trips at low cost.

What Does a Travel Management Company Do?

travel management works

A Travel Management Company (TMC) mainly focuses on helping travel agencies and organizations with their management of trips and related services.

Here you can see the detailed list of what TMC usually does.

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1. Booking and Reservations

In the booking reservation TMC helps when you book your flights, hotels, rental cars, airport transfers, and other transportation needs through this service.

2. Travel Policy Compliance

TMC highly focuses on the policy and the guidelines that all trip plans follow the rules set by the company. This helps keep standard services at a lower cost.

Sometimes, it updates with new rules for both travelers and companies that help save extra expenses and keep customers safe and comfortable.

3. Expense Management

TMC uses technical tools to track and monitor travel expenses which help provide reports and assist with ideas for corporate budgets.

4. Traveler Support and Assistance

For support and assistance, TMC provides 24/7 services for their customers like as ticket booking, flight cancellation, and other services.

You can take the information on trip management, visa requirements, and other health safety rules.

5. Risk Management

It is the most important part of the travel company because of safety by providing the different events and advising for their customers. 

Function of Travel Management Company

functions of travel management company

Travel management companies are the companies that organize business trips and that they are efficient, cost-effective, and have company policies. 

The main purpose of TMC help businesses organize their travel operations, reduce costs, customer satisfaction, follow the rules and guidelines and focus on their core activities.

1. Offers Discounts and Negotiable Prices

A travel management company or agency supports business travelers to get better deals on flights hotels and car rentals. 

To do this, they work together with airlines, accommodation providers, car rental companies, and people who run online markets.

2. Consulting Services

This service gives you tips on how to make your trip program better way. They find and implement strategies to control travel costs without compromising quality or travel safety.

3. Customize the Travel Booking

Travel management companies now offer digital solutions that make booking work trips easier and faster. 

A business traveler can use the mobile app or web planning tool to get the best deals on the right choices and customization of the trip as set by the company.

4. Provide full time support

A travel management agency ensures that a business traveler gets the help and information they need regardless of the customer’s location. 

The traveler knows about updated information and helps immediately by calling the agency’s customer service team.

7 Benefits of Using a Travel Management Company

benefits of using a TMC

There are quite benefits of using a travel management company for businesses and organizations.

1. Cost Savings

TMCs have built ties with flights, hotels, and car rental companies that let them get special deals and lower prices.

They help businesses stay on budget by giving them tools and services to track and manage travel costs.

2. Efficiency and Convenience

Travel management companies (TMCs) offer online booking tools and systems that make it easier for workers to plan their trips and save them time.

They help travelers around the clock, seven days a week, making sure they can get help for changes, delays, and situations.

3. Policy Compliance

TMCs make sure that all trip plans are in line with the company’s travel rules. So there is a lower chance of spending money without permission.

They help make travel plans that fit the organization’s wants and goals and make them better over time.

4. Traveler Safety and Risk Management

Travel management companies (TMCs) keep up with global news and travel warnings to make sure travelers are aware of any risks.

They help travelers and have backup plans ready in case of accidents, making sure they are healthy and secure.

5. Detailed Reporting and Analytics

It provides a complete report and analysis of travel spend, trends and patterns, allowing companies to make decisions based on information. 

The most benefit is providing details reporting data that helps identify areas for cost saving and improvement in travel programs. 

6. Improved Traveler Experience

TMCs offer individual help and customized travel plans, improving the overall experience for travelers.

7. Time Saving

Simple procedures and skilled leadership reduce the time spent on planning and handling trips and increase overall productivity.

Overall, the travel businesses and companies improvements in their travel industry, which can benefit in cost savings, improved traveler satisfaction, and better management of travel-related services.

Difference between a Travel Management Company and a Travel Agency

Based on the knowledge and resources of a TMC, companies can realize significant improvement in the travel industry. Where travel agencies provide travel-related services.

Here are the main differences between a travel management company and a travel agency:

WP Travel Comparison
Travel Management Company Travel Agency
It mostly focuses on businesses, groups and other organizations. Travel agencies arrange individual travelers and small groups.
TMC’s direct focus is on corporate travel companies. It only focuses on travel for vacation and pleasure.
It has the main goal of comprehensive service in travel management. Provide limited services and provides services on Booking and reservations.
It provides advanced technology with online booking tools and mobile apps. The travel agency offers only online booking systems.
Data analytics and reporting for the personalization of per customers. It has limited or no data analytics for its customers or users.
It uses multiple tools for tracking and balancing travel expense management. TA is not typically provided extra tools for balancing travel expense management.
It continuously provides 24/7 travelers support and assistance. You find support typically during only business hours.
TMC always monitors travel risks and provides crisis management to users. It provides basic support; crisis management is less common.

The above table shows the highlights in focus, services, technology, and support between travel management company and travel agency. 

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Travel Management Company List

The well-known travel management companies that offer a variety of corporate travel management services are listed below.

1. American Express Global Business Travel (GBT)

One of the biggest TMCs globally, providing complete technological solutions and travel management services.

2. BCD Travel 

BCD Travel is a global leader in travel management business and offers innovative solutions and diplomatic travel management services.

3. CWT (Carlson Wagonlit Travel)

It provides booking, expenditure management travel management services, and risk management. 

4. Egencia

This business travel management company uses technology to provide enhanced efficient travel solutions.

5. FCM Travel Solutions

It offers comprehensive travel management services that combine global reach with individual care.

These companies are well known for their expertise in corporate travel management, including services such as booking and reservations traveler assistance, and risk management.


In summary, a travel management company is a specialized service provider company that plays a vital role in handling and improving corporate travel for companies and groups. 

TMCs offers a complete set of services, including planning and reservation, travel policy compliance, bill management, and traveler support to ensure speed, cost-effectiveness, and submission to business policies.

They use advanced technology to provide smooth online booking tools, data analytics, and risk management solutions, improving the overall travel experiences and safety for corporate travelers.

With the support of travel management companies may obtain significant cost savings improved compliance, and better control of their travel programs.

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What is TMC in the travel industry field?

In the travel industry business, TMC means Travel Management Company is a particular type of company that handles corporate travel plans, cost-effectiveness, and compliance with policies.

What is TMC in air travel?

TMC, which is known as “Travel Management Company” is a company that helps you plan and organize operations trips, and booking tickets.  

Can a TMC provide 24/7 support for travelers?

Yes, TMCs usually provide full support 24/7 to help travelers with changes to their plans, cancellations, and situations. In this way, travelers can get support at any time regardless of time zones.

What technology solutions TMCs offer?

To make the process of handling travel easy way, TMCs offer high-tech tools like mobile apps, online booking tools, data analytics platforms, and interaction with the travel management process.