A Travel Guide is a module available in the WP Travel Pro plugin through which you can assign a Travel Guide to the Trip.

Travel Guides are the person who leads the trip and helps to organize, manage, and plan the whole trip for you.

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Steps to assign a Travel Guide using the WP Travel plugin

Step 1: Go to Pro-Modules and enable Travel Guide

To add the Travel Guide you have to enable Travel Guide by going through Admin Panel > WP Travel > Settings > Modules Settings > Pro Modules as shown in the screenshot below:

Enable Travel Guide module

Step 2: Select Add Guide to add a Travel Guide

Then, go to Admin Panel > WP Travel > Travel Guide and add the Travel Guide.

Add Travel Guide

Step 3: Choose your preferred Guide under the guides tab

After adding a Travel Guide now you can add to the respective trips, you can see the guides that you have added under the guides tab of the individual trip


Now you can view the Travel Guide added to the trip as in the screenshot attached below

Travel Guide assigned to Trip

For more details regarding the Travel Guide, please refer to the Documentation.

Importance of Travel Guide

  • They are aware of the best in every destination; hence you are up to visit the best places.
  • They ensure quality services and have a keen eye for making your trip satisfactory.
  • They have a good network; hence the hotels and tickets may cost you less in comparison.


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