Looking for a complete tour booking system for your WordPress site? Then, take a look at this article to get knowledge about a complete tour booking system and how you can achieve it.

You can’t choose a random plugin and theme for your site.

Before choosing, you need to ensure that your preferred plugin provides a complete tour booking system. As a result, your site can be a seamless site that is perfect for all cases.

You can create a travel and tour booking website within minutes, without any hassle of coding and hiring highly paid developers. 

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What a complete WordPress tour booking system look like?

Guideline of a Complete WordPress Tour Booking System

A complete WordPress tour booking system indicates a system that contains all the facilities that a complete tour booking system should have.

If you are planning to make a travel site, what do you need to consider first? A plugin that can provide you with all the facilities regarding a complete tour booking system for WordPress.

Are you confused about what plugin to choose? We are here to help you with this. But, before that, you have to know what features a complete tour booking WordPress plugin should contain.

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Features of plugin that provides a complete tour booking system

wptravel.io as WordPress tour booking system

In WordPress, there are lots of available travel tour booking plugins.

You have the flexibility to choose any plugin for your site. But, keep in mind any plugin will not provide you the facilities that a complete tour booking system should have.

Following features you should consider first before picking up a plugin for your site:

1. Easy travel site-ready

You should consider a plugin that will let you create your site easily and efficiently. Like you don’t have to be an expert for it. Besides, it will offer you a user-friendly and SEO-friendly system.

2. Include easy booking

It will provide your customers easy booking system.

3. Full and partial payment facilities

That plugin should provide partial as well as full payment facilities. As a result, your customers can easily book their trip packages.

4. Itinerary timeline

It should also let you make an itinerary timeline for every trip packages.

5. Makes your site translation-ready

A plugin that you choose should provide you a translation-ready site.

6. Provides tax option

Inclusive as well as exclusive tax options for your site can’t be ignored as well. Make sure you pick up the plugin that will offer you this option.

7. Support multiple prices and dates

Often you have to add multiple pricing and dates to a single trip of your site. Your preferable plugin needs to give you this flexibility.

8. Addon

The tour booking plugin should also let you add coupons, trip facts, tour extras, wishlist, and group discounts to your trip packages.

9. Provides continuous development

Consider a plugin that is always up-to-date.

10. Different payment systems adding facility

A great plugin should offer different payment systems to your site. As a result, you can deal with customers all over the world.

11. Complete support

That plugin should also provide you complete support for your problem.

How can you make a free travel website with WordPress?

Luckily, you can make a free travel site with WordPress.org. In this case, the exciting part is you don’t need to compromise anything during making your site for free.

In fact, this platform will provide you more facilities than any other platform. You will only have to pay for the hosting service.

After that, you are ready to create a website with WordPress. The steps of making a free travel site using WordPress is given below:

  • Select hosting service and domain name for your site.
  • Install WordPress for your site.
  • In this step, install and activate a theme that will go with your site.
  • Now, add pages to your site.
  • Customize your site as you desire.
  • You need to add navigation.
  • Finally, make your site user-friendly.

For more detail information, learn to make your WordPress site by adopting seven easy steps.

What are the advantages of an online tour booking system?

In this era of technology, the advantages of an online tour booking system are huge. You can’t imagine making a profit if you don’t build an online tour booking system.

Because more than 70% of booking is done online by the customers.

Following are the advantages of creating an online tour booking system:

  • It will maximize your booking.
  • Your customers can book your packages any time they want.
  • You don’t need to have a 24/7 online presence for booking.
  • Through an online tour booking system, you will get your payment quickly.
  • You can get the trust of customers through customer reviews.
  • Get a chance to observe your booking activities through mobile.

Which WordPress plugin can provide a complete tour booking system?

Get wptravel pro for WordPress tour booking system

There are lots of tour plugins in WordPress. WP Travel is one of the available tour packages booking WordPress plugins that will provide a complete tour booking system with an outstanding On-Page Booking feature

It will help you to create a perfect travel site with its available WordPress travel booking themes and plugin. Besides, you can create a customized travel site within few minutes with this.

WP Travel will offer you all the above facilities that you will be needing for your travel site.

This plugin will also help you to create your dream site effectively and efficiently. You can download this tour booking WordPress travel plugin for free.

In WordPress, you can find other plugins as well. But, carefully take a look if they can fulfill all demand of a complete tour booking system.

For finding out more plugins read the 7 best WordPress plugins for tourism business.

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