Want to share your travel experience with the world? Then, nothing will work as great as a WordPress travel blog.

Having a travel experience is wonderful but it will be more delightful if you can share it with the world. In fact, others can also get delighted by the experience you share. WordPress travel blog is a great way for sharing a travel experience. Moreover, you can also make money from your WordPress travel blogs.

Table of content:

  • Guideline for creating a WordPress travel blog.
    • Select the niche of your travel blog.
    • Pick a domain name for your travel site.
    • Make your site available to your visitors.
    • Choose WordPress.org as your CMS platform.
    • Install and activate the theme for your travel blog.
    • Download must-have plugins for your travel site.
    • Write your travel blog.
    • Easy social sharing facility.
  • Can you create a travel blog on WordPress for free?
  • Is it possible to write a travel blog when you aren’t traveling?
  • How many views do you need for getting paid?

Guideline for creating a WordPress travel blog:

Nowadays, everyone wants to share or know the traveling story. The only way to do it is by creating a WordPress travel blog. But, it will be useless if you can’t do it effectively. What is the use of your travel blog if the visitors of yours are unable to find you! Your efforts and all your time will be wasted. So, writing a travel blog by focusing on some rules is important. Here is the step by step guidelines for creating a WordPress travel blog in the most effective way:

1. Select the niche of your travel blog.

Find niche for WordPress travel blog

Writing a travel blog will be more effective if you decide the area you want to cover in your blog. Because by doing this the purpose of your travel blog will be more specific. As a result, your audience will get the idea behind writing the blog. Lots of travel blog examples are available online that follow a suitable niche for blogging.

Selecting a niche for your travel blog is a very good idea. Like you can go for luxury travel, budget-friendly travel, travel guideline for young women, Country specific traveling and the list goes on. You can also choose two or three niches for your travel blog If you can provide a profitable travel blog that will help your visitors.

2. Pick a domain name for your travel site.

Basically, a domain name is your site’s address by that your customers will reach you. Like in case you use mybudgettravel.com as your area name.. Then your visitors can find you by putting it on google. This will be the address of your site.

But, before picking a domain name you need to keep lots of things in mind. And that is you should avoid numbers, difficult words, hyphens in your domain name. By using this, your visitors will forget your site’s address easily. These things will make your address hard as well as easy to forget.

You can use your name in your domain name if you can present it in the right way. Also always try to include a word that will reflect the overall purpose of your site. This will promote brand ideas towards your visitors.

3. Make your site available to your visitors.

Web hosting for WordPress travel blog

Without a hosting service, you can hardly make your site available to others. You can get this service from Bluehost, SiteGround, HostGator, and so on. By choosing one of these service providers, you can ensure the availability of your site. Bluehost is the most reliable one among them. But, others are good as well. Choose one of them according to your budget.

4. Choose WordPress.org as your CMS platform.

It is highly recommended to use WordPress.org than WordPress.com. Because WordPress.org is free, plus it will provide you other additional help that your WordPress.com can’t provide. full control over your data, easy customization, 100% responsive, instant support, user-friendly with zero coding knowledge all are the best features of WordPress.org. But, its benefit didn’t stop here. WordPress.org is the best platform for travel blogs.

Learn why you should use WordPress.org?

5. Install and activate the theme for your WordPress travel blog.

Choose theme for WordPress travel blog

Ever thought about why a famous travel site looks this great? If yes, then you have already found out that a theme is behind this good-looking site. Because a theme that suits your site can change the overall outlook of your site. As a result, your site will impress your visitors more.

For choosing a travel theme, consider the following points:

  • Pick a device responsive theme for your site.
  • This theme should suit your travel site.
  • Your travel site’s theme should be compatible with your plugins.

Still, confused about a theme you should pick for your travel site? Then, read 2021’s best WordPress travel themes for travel blog. Here, you will find free WordPress travel themes as well as premium WordPress travel blog themes.

6. Download must-have plugins for your site.

Must-have plugin travel blog

Your travel site will be incomplete without must-have plugins. These plugins will add all the functionalities that your site should have. It’s not like these plugins will be needed for only travel sites. For any type of site, these are essential. Let’s take a look at the type of plugins, you have to install:

  • A plugin that will optimize the search engine.
  • Contact form plugin.
  • Site’s backup plugin.
  • Plugins for security, google analytics.
  • Your website’s performance optimizer plugin.
  • All in one plugin.
  • Page builder and image optimizer plugins.
  • WordPress map plugin for your travel blog.

No site can avoid these must-have plugins. Because by doing this, site will loose maintenance capability.

7. Write your travel blog.

There are lots of things that you should consider during writing a WordPress travel blog. This will make your blog attractive and help you to draw your visitor’s attention. Like adding images, videos to your travel blog, providing purposeful content, right social media sharing by identifying the target audience, etc. After creating a travel site in WordPress, you need to make your site contentful with the travel blogs.

Maintaining these stuffs will turn your blog easy to read as well as eye-catching.

8. Easy social sharing facility.

Social sharing button

Only writing a travel blog is not enough. For catching your audience’s attention, you have to enrich your blogs by providing a social sharing option. Like adding an easy social sharing button in your blogs. Sharing on social media like Instagram, Facebook, when your targeted audiences are young women is a great way to promote your blogs.

Besides, this social media sharing option will grow your audience. Also, provide those social media share buttons first where you have a maximum targeted audience. Like if you have more audience on Instagram then provide this button first in your blog.

Can you create a travel blog on WordPress for free?

If you are thinking about choosing WordPress.org as your CMS then yes, you can create your WordPress travel blog for free. All you have to pay for your hosting service and plugins. You don’t need to pay for using WordPress.org. Because it is free to install and use.

But, if you pick WordPress.com as your CMS then you need to pay for it. You will be benefited in both ways if you use WordPress.org. Because it is free as well as it provides lots of facilities that your paid content management system WordPress.com can’t provide. Creating a travel blog on WordPress.org is free but for creating an effective travel blog, you have to get your hosting service and premium themes and plugins services.

Is it possible to write a travel blog when you aren’t traveling?

It is surprising but, yes you can! You can share your travel journey through a travel blog even when you are not traveling. If you have previous experience, then it is possible to continue your travel blog writing. But, for that, you need to show the creativity that will make your travel blog more real.

Your travel blog is all about how you are going to present to your audience with informative content. Besides, adding your travel pictures and videos will also provide great output. Divide your travel experience in a way that you can provide at least one or two travel blogs per week. Don’t share all your travel experiences at a time. Divide it and share it with your audience in a systematic way.

How many views do you need for getting paid?

For getting paid, you will need 100000 views per month. But, it’s not like that you can make money by having this amount of page views. You will also need to follow some strategies for making money. Only having 100000 views will not work. In the case of earning you need to focus on the affiliate programing, sponsored post, and ads. Besides, You have to avoid self-hosting service.

A decent amount of page views is good but only this can’t bring money. Affiliate program. sponsored ads and posts are important for making money because when your visitors will buy products or click on ads you will get a percentage of money from these. That’s why only page views will bring no good.