Do you want to add WordPress widgets to your site that can help your website visitors or users?

Then, go through this article. It will provide you all information that you will need to add widgets to your site.

What is a WordPress widget? And why you need it?

WordPress widgets are customization layout option which let you add features as well as functions to various location of your website. You can also place calendar, text, photo, menu, etc. on your website by widget.

Moreover, widgets provide a way that lets you design your website as well as control your content without having coding knowledge. Though, most of the themes provide a default widget. Learn more about the best WordPress themes.

But in case, if your desired theme doesn’t provide you default widget then you can create a custom widget without a plugin too. You can also create a widget area and register a WordPress widget.

Types of WordPress widgets

WordPress will provide you following two types of widgets:

Default widget: As a result of the installation of WordPress you will get this widget.

Widgets that you can get from themes and plugins: By using the theme as well as plugins you can get these types of widgets. Some best widget plugins are:

More Widgets, Easy Custom Sidebars, etc.

How can you add the widget to your site?

Firstly for adding WordPress widgets, go to your admin dashboard of WordPress. After that, click Appearance>> widgets.

WordPress widgets

secondly, you can see two columns on your screen that are available widget and widget area. As a result, You can add available widgets in the widget area.

WordPress Widgets

You can find Following widgets in your widget area:

  • Archive: In this Widget, you will find your website’s archived post.
  • Calendar: It shows calendar on your site.
  • Search: Visitors of your site can search for anything they want to know. As a result, they don’t need to read your whole site for it.
  • Recent comment: Your website’s recent comment will be shown in this widget.
  • Recent post: Recent posts of your site will be shown by this widget.
  • Besides many more WordPress widgets.

After that, Drag the widget that you want to add in your widget area and set it.

WordPress Widgets

Finally, add your desired title if you want to change the default title. After that press the save button.

Moreover, if you want to delete any widget then click the down arrow then click delete.

Summing up:

WordPress widgets can be highly useful for the users of your site. You can also organize all your published information in a systematic way where your user can find content easily.

So, Don’t get delayed. Add the widgets that you will need for your site.

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