What is WP Travel Field Editor?

Field editor is the premium feature of WP Travel that can be used to create new custom fields in your default forms like inquiry forms.

WP Travel Custom Field Editor contains features regarding the forms that any user will demand. You can either enable or disable the trip inquiry field, billing field, and traveler info field as per your wish.

Hence, you can make an edit on these fields as well as add some extra fields as the WP Travel field editor focuses on the advanced custom field.

You can also reset the details of the field with one click. Adding new fields and moving/dragging the fields is possible with this addon. If you are not wanting any field to display, you can delete the field immediately. 

Here, the WP Travel Field Editor addon has come up with another option after its new release. You will see a new “use traveler info field” which after checking the box will make every field required.

And unchecking the box will make you fill every field not required or you can skip the fields of the traveler except the lead traveler that we made required earlier while setting each field.

The option “Action” will let you revise what you have made changes in each field and any edit can be made from there too. You can drag the fields which are set by default.

The newly added field will have options to create a new name, label, type, ID, class, placeholder, and required button. This required button will ultimately decide whether the form needs to be filled or not.

Forms provided by field editor option

From field editor addon we can get three forms among which, trip enquiry field is located at the front page of the trip detail.

To put queries related to trips, this field is used. You can edit with the options available in the fields.

You can add text area, checkbox, country dropdown, numbers, email, date, heading, and many other options to enhance the trip form that might attract the user.

By default, some fields like name, email, and enquiry message which we cannot delete.

Another field is the billing field which is shown after you fill in the booking details and proceed to the checkout page.

The billing field also has options to choose to enhance the form. This is the form where you fill in the details of billing the trip.

Travellers info field is the field that you will see while you fill out the billing form, there you put the information of travelers.

The one thing common in all three fields is, that you can either enable or disable the form field you wish for. And, adding the advanced custom field is possible in each form field.

The available fields are :

  • text
  • email
  • number
  • select
  • country dropdown
  • text area
  • date
  • radio
  • checkbox
  • heading

You can refer to the field editor documentation reference by the link which contains the installation, license, and other helpful content for the custom field editor.

About the custom field:

In the new field, you add you can also place the information the user fills in during the travel like ‘height’ or ‘food preference’.

It could be any information from the simplest to other information. Rather you can make the field required or not utilize advanced custom fields function. So, you can go to the screenshot to clarify the confusion,

Custom field editor

For example: If you want the record of the food preferences of travelers then you can add a field in the Travellers Info field. Using the field editor option you can give the options as follows,

  • Vegetarian
  • Non-vegetarian
  • Vegan

Then you can add the option by choosing a checkbox. The added option will be available in the traveler info form field.

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