WP Travel is proud to announce the launch of its newest payment gateway- WP Travel Khalti Checkout. This WP Travel plugin add-on provides the ability to Nepali travel and tourism websites to accept payments in Nepali currency through the Khalti payment gateway. For WordPress programmers, who build travel and tourism website, this add-on is a huge relief as it will save their time and boost their efficiency for integrating Khalti Payment Gateway on travel websites. With a few clicks to install and setup, a travel website can now receive payment through the use of WP Travel Khalti Checkout.

Where it started?

Nepal is one the top tourist destinations in Nepal, with the Lonely Planet listing Kathmandu as the 5th best places to visit in the world.  But that is not what triggered our interest in developing a payment gateway for Nepali tourism website. It was rather our groups attempts to pay for one of our group tours to Mustang some months back. Though we booked the tour, the tour operator was not accepting online payments in Nepali rupees. We made the trip but when we returned we realized that if we faced the problem, than there are others too like who face this problem every day!

We jumped into the market, analyzed the propositions and soon zeroed on making an add-on for integrating Khalti Wallet. With the Visit Nepal Year 2020, the tourism industry is gearing up for a new boom. Media reports claim that there has been a great surge in domestic tourism ahead of the upcoming VNY-2020 and most of these tourists are youngsters, like us, who prefer paying online and and on the go! With the integration of Khalti Payment Add-on with WP Travel, we are sure travel and tour operators will also have a lot of ease in receiving payments and increase their sales!

What is WP Travel Khalti Checkout Addon?

WP Travel Khalti Checkout
WP Travel Khalti Checkout

Let’s break down things here. First, WP Travel is a WordPress plugin that provides all the features required to run and operate a tour and travel website. And the WP Travel Khalti Checkout Addon is part of that plugin. By adding this addon to the WP Travel plugin, a tour and travel website owner can receive online payments for their Nepali clients and users can pay for their tour or trips online through their Khalti account. As Khalti is one of the most widely used online wallet in Nepal, we expect this addition to help travel and tour websites to up their game!

WP Travel Khalti checkout offers instant, secure and hassle-free payments for the trips that your users will book on your travel website. It offers users the safest and fastest way to make online payment in Nepali currency. Here are some of the salient features this add-ons brings with itself:

Features :

Debit Card / Wallet and e banking payment

WP Travel Khalti Checkout makes the payment procedure highly flexible and efficient with multiple payment options including the Debit (ATM) card payment, wallet and e banking payment.

Secure Payment Gateway

WP Travel Khalti Checkout provides a highly secure link with a customizable security settings that fights fraud resulting most robust security.

Seamless On-site Checkout

With the plugin, you can experience a seamless payment transaction without having to leave the site once you enter the payment process.

Customizable Settings

WP Travel Khalti Checkout provides a highly secure link with a customizable security settings that fights fraud providing a robust and secure environment.

You can refer to the WP Travel Khalti Checkout documentation for setup help and support for further assistance. 

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