WP Travel Paystack payment
WP Travel Paystack payment

Running a travel agency in Nigeria and looking for a payment gateway that can accept payment in Naira? Your wait is over, provided of course if you have your travel site on our beloved WordPress. Meet WP Travel Paystack Checkout – our latest addition to the WP Travel plugin especially made for Nigerian travel and tour operators following massive demand to have the ability to receive international and local online payments.

The WP Travel Paystack Checkout addon is powered by the Paystack, a well-trusted payment gateway in Africa that helps millions of business in Nigeria to receive payment in local currencies from anywhere in the world using Mastercard, Visa and Bank. Built using the secure Paystack API, this add-on is secure and offers seamless experience for both – the users and travel site operators. We hope that this addition will help Nigerian travel and tourism sites in getting better inquiries and sales.

Please note:

  1. This payment gateway add-on ONLY works with Nigerian currency (naira).
  2. This payment add on ONLY works in conjunction with our parent plugin WP Travel plugin installed, it does not work as a stand-alone plugin. If you haven’t installed this travel site plugin, download it here now– its totally FREE.

Add-on Features :

  1. Multiple Payment Options: WP Travel Paystack Checkout gives multiple choices to make the payment including the Mastercard, Visa card and direct bank transaction
  1. Secure Payment: WP Travel Authorize Net Checkout provides a highly secure link with a customizable security setting that fights fraud resulting in most robust security.
  1. Seamless Integration: With the plugin, you can experience a seamless payment transaction without having to leave the site once you enter the payment process.Highly Customizable settings: All the setting can be customized making it the most adaptable plugin.

If you have any questions or inquiries, please contact our support team we will be more than glad to assist.

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