WP Travel version 4.2.0. is out with the inclusion of some brand new feature of shortcode and the addition of a filter. In this version, we have added the shortcode to display the trips according to the “Activities”


Based on slug:

[wp_travel_itineraries type="activity" slug="Activity"]

Based on ID:

[wp_travel_itineraries type="activity" id="12"]

We have added the filter in this version to edit the trip code.

We have made other minor fixing as well as made some enhancement. Please visit the change log for the detail information.


Change Log


  • Trip fact layout issue fixed in higher resolution screen.


  • Added attribute type=”activity” in the shortcode [wp_travel_itineraries type=”activity”] to display trips based on activities.
  • Allow to add the email tags {sitename}, {itinerary_link}, {itinerary_title} etc in email subject like in email body.

If you spot any issue or face any difficulty with the plugin, feel free to write back to us in our official support forum.