WP Travel version 4.4.5 is now available for update. In this version of WP Travel plugin we have fixed some issues with few enhancements and tweaks which has been listed below.

WP Travel plugin has come with fixes regarding displaying price per category in select pax section(which appears under version before 4) as well as sorting trips date wise(desc/asc) using shortcode.

Change Log:


  • Issue in select Pax section of the legacy version of booking regarding price and price per not displaying in the list.
  • Translation of booking options list strings fixes in the checkout page.
  • Cannot read property ‘title’ of undefined while selecting pricing.
  • Undefined $post a global variable notice in customizer.
  • Sort Trip by date in the shortcode WP_TRAVEL_ITINERARIES.

Note: Please once save changes for the trips before using Shortcode to display trips date wise(desc/asc).


  • Added support for currency name display (E.g USD, AUD instead of $) on frontend trip pages. This can be enabled or disable from WP Travel Admin Settings.


  • Added Helper function WP_Travel_Helpers_Trip_Dates::is_fixed_departure($trip_id) to check whether it is fixed departure trip or not.

If you spot any issue or face any difficulty with the plugin, feel free to write back to us in our official support forum.