Dear Users, we have come up with major release of WP Travel v5.0.0 with the support of the most requested features as well as some enhancements. We have added features in WP Travel Pro v4.0.0 plugin so to achieve the newly added features, you have to update latest version of WP Travel Pro.

The features which has been added in WP Travel Pro plugin are listed below:

Google Calendar Integration:

This feature included in WP Travel Pro plugin allows you to integrate Google Calendar with WP Travel plugin. While integrating google calendar with WP Travel plugin, the trip booked on certain date by the customer will be saved as event for the selected date for booking of trip in the google calendar with few information. Google calendar event display the information regarding trip title, customer name who booked the trip, booked date, time slot, location, phone number, email, trip price, trip pax, trip edit link etc.

Squareup Checkout Payment:

We have included new payment gateway named Squareup Checkout in WP Travel Pro plugin which accept card payments. Card Payment acceptance for Squareup Checkout Payment gateway is available in US, Canada, Australia, Japan, Republic of Ireland and the United Kingdom

Itinerary Downloader:

WP Travel Pro plugin includes the itinerary downloader option with which you will be able to download the itinerary (trip) detail in pdf format. The downloaded pdf file includes the information regarding trip image, trip title, trip code, trip Pricing table, trip date, trip outline, trip itineraries, trip include and trip exclude. The option to download itinerary detail has been included in single trip page under downloads tab.

User Specific Coupon feature:

This newly added feature in WP Travel Pro plugin allows the user who has been assigned for coupon to get coupon code automatically as when the user who has been assigned for coupon book the trip being logged in, the coupon code will be automatically inputted so that user can apply for booking of trip. For detail

Group Discount Price per pricing option:

WP Travel Pro plugin includes Group discount price feature in pricing option section so that user can set group price per pricing rather than per category. The main purpose of this feature is to set group discount price for the similar type of categories once rather than setting group price individually for different category.

Multiple cart items:

This newly added feature in WP Travel Pro plugin allows the customer to select multiple cart items for booking in single checkout. With this feature, you can book more than one cart items (trips) during checkout. This feature will be very useful to the user who want to book different trips at the same time i.e. at single checkout.

Trip and rating schema (Free):

In this new release, we have implemented schema for trip and rating for SEO optimization.

Change Log:

WP Travel (Free):


  • Calendar translation issue in filter widget when it is used in homepage.
  • Fixed Script ‘wp-travel-backend-pointers.js’ not found on admin pages.
  • Fixed Trip extras label not displaying in trip edit page.
  • Fixed Trip fact issue with PHP 8. It shows E_COMPILE_ERROR on edit trip.


  • Removed the_content filter in frontend tabs.


  • Added schema for Trip data and rating in trip single page.
  • Added User specific coupon discount feature.
  • Added Support for Multiple Cart items.
  • Added Support For Pricing group discount as we have group discount for pricing category only.
  • Coupon Section update to React Block.

WP Travel Pro:


  • Fixed: Heremap location lat, lng set on search.
  • Fixed: Undefined index in thankyou page.


  • Added Square up Checkout pament gateway.
  • Added Google Calendar to sync booking data in calendar.
  • Added Itinerary downloader to download itinerary as pdf.
  • Added Multicart feature.
  • Added Group discount in pricing.

If you spot any issue or face any difficulty with the plugin, feel free to contact us.

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