Dear users, we have come up with a release of WP Travel v5.1.0 with the support of some enhancements and fixes. We have added features in WP Travel  v5.1.0 plugin so to achieve the newly added features, you have to update the latest version of WP Travel plugin. Also, we have fixed some issues in WP Travel Pro plugin too. So, to achieve it, you have to update the latest version of WP Travel v5.1.0 and WP Travel Pro v4.1.0 plugin.

Also, we have removed the ‘Switch to V4‘ option from WP Travel v5.1.0 as we have pre-notified.

Change Log:

WP Travel (Free):


  • Group size value is not updated if we set it and remove all prices.
  • Fixed Gallery images not being saved on a new trip.
  • Fixed Booking tab switch to Dashboard tab when clicking booking details page.
  • Fixed Blocks Plugin not working in windows.
  • Fixed function ‘wptravel_account_tab_content’ already exists issue.
  • Fixed Custom fields added from field editor value mismatch. If we add Select, Radio, and checkbox as input from the field editor, the value of these inputs is displayed as an index.
  • Fixed HTML entities displaying in privacy policy text on the checkout page.

Layout Fixes:

  • Issue in user dashboard during bank deposit payment popup fix.
  • Text invisible while viewing bank details in user dashboard fix.
  • Gap between the search button and dropdown in WP Travel search widget fix.
  • Widget area list and grid view fixed in responsive.
  • Single trip page tab section next and previous button not working in a responsive fix.
  • Table border layout fixes on the dashboard page.
  • Gallery section Mansory layout fix.


  • New layout implemented for archive page.
  • Added inventory support for trip duration.


  • Removed switch to v4 option as per pre-notification.

WP Travel Pro:


  • Fixed Multiple currency warning notices if the API key is empty.
  • Fixed Open/Close all Faq, multiple buttons is shortcode is used to render Faq.
  • Advance Gallery empty issue while enabling advance gallery for old trips having default gallery.
  • Fixed alt attribute not working in an advanced gallery.
  • Fixed alt attribute not working in an advanced gallery.
  • Fixed displaying HTML entities in the overview section of PDF download.


  • Added Enable/Disable Trip extras option.

For more information about WP Travel plugins, please refer to our documentation.

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