Dear users, we have come up with a release of WP Travel v6.0.0 with the support of some enhancements and fixes. We have fixed some issues and added a new Module ( Tour Guide) in WP Travel Pro plugin. So, to achieve it, you have to update the latest version of WP Travel v6.0.0 and WP Travel Pro v5.0.0 plugin.

Change Log:

WP Travel (Free):


  • Provides compatibility for the Tour Guide feature in WP Travel Pro.
  • Provides compatibility for showing high prices on trips.


  • Fixed Ascending/Descending issue while using the orderby trip_date option.

WP Travel Pro:


  • Fixed Advanced Gallery issue while importing trips.
  • Fixed Trip Extras not displaying in Invoice PDF while using the Multiple checkout feature.
  • Fixed critical error displayed on the website while enabling Use Relative Path in PHP 8.


  • Added Tour Guide feature to assign a tour guide to the trip. This feature is only available in WP Travel Pro.
  • Display the Booking Option, Payment Method, and Payment Status on Thank you page.
  • Added option to show the high price of the trip on Frontend.

Tour Guide:

Tour Guide is the new feature added with WP Travel Pro v5.0.0 which lets you assign Tour Guides to the Trip. To enable this feature it requires WP Travel  v6.0.0.

For more information about WP Travel plugins, please once refer to our documentation.

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