Dear users, we have come up with a release of WP Travel v6.6.0 and  WP Travel Pro v5.6.0 with the support of some enhancements and fixes. We have added more options in the Trip Duration case. Also, the option to attach a trip itinerary to the booking email.

WP Travel (Free):


  • Sending an email to the client when Payment Info is changed to Paid by the admin manually.
  • Added option to add hourly Trips in case of Trip duration.


  • Fixed N/A in payment mode while the partial payment is disabled.

WP Travel Pro:


  • Fixed issue while sharing files through email under the downloads tab on the single trip page.
  • Fixed Itinerary download issue while downloading it on mobile.
  • Fixed inventory not checking available pax on the checkout page.


  • Added option to send itinerary pdf attached with booking email.
  • Added validation option in Trip Duration to limit trip period.
  • Added option to add different duration of trips.(Like: 4 Days 8 Hours, 10 Hours 30 Minutes, 5 Days, 1 Night)

When admin changes the Payment info from Partially paid to Paid from the dashboard manually then the email will be sent to the client.

Options in Trip Duration:

Add Hourly Trip (in free):

With the release of WP Travel version 6.6.0, we have added an option to add the Hourly Trip.


More options in Pro:

With the release of WP Travel version 5.6.0, we have added more options for the Trip duration.

You can add short-duration trips with the help of the Hour and Minute option.

Validation option in Trip Duration:

This is the new feature added with the latest version of WP Travel Pro v5.6.0 plugin. Using this feature you can validate the trip for a limited time period.

In this case, we have added 10 Hours trip with the validation for the 3 days.


Option to send itinerary pdf attached with booking email:

If you are willing to send the itinerary of the trip attached with the booking email to the client then worry not with the release of WP Travel v6.6.0 and WP Travel v5.6.0, we have added an option to send the trip itinerary with the booking email.

To enable the option go through Admin Panel > WP Travel > Settings > Email > Email Templates > Booking Email Templates


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