Dear WP Travel users, welcome to the newly updated release note of WP Travel v7.2.0 and WP Travel Pro v6.2.0

We have added various interesting and precious handy features like: ‘added hour and minute’ in the case of trip duration, ‘integrated tax percentage’ in case of on-page booking, ‘removed apply coupon field’ when there is no coupon added, which options were not available in previous update WP Travel v7.1.0

In the same way, some issues occurred during translation for on-page booking and translation issues in multiple checkouts. So, it has been precisely fixed and runs successfully.

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WP Travel ‘v7.2.0’: Key-takeaways


  • Added ‘Hour and Minute’ option in case of Trip duration.
  • Added ‘Tax percentage’ in case of On-Page booking.
  • Removed ‘Apply Coupon Field’, if there is no coupon added.


  • Fixed translation issue for On-page booking.

WP Travel ‘v7.2.0’: New Updated Features

1. Added Hours & Minutes in ‘Trip-Duration’

The new update has released a valuable feature i.e. Added hours and minutes in trip duration.

Before the update, there was only ‘Day and Night’ option for trip duration.

added hours and minutes in trip duration by

2. Added Tax-Percentage in On-Page Booking

The option for tax percentage was not available in the previous update WP Travel v7.1.0.

But, the new feature has brought the tax percentage in the on-page booking feature and has made it easy for users to calculate the tax with ease and quickly

You may find it useful: How to add WordPress tax option to your travel site

3. Removed apply Coupon field, if there is no coupon added

The coupon field has been removed in such cases when no coupon is added

4. Fixed translation issue for On-page booking

WP Travel v7.1.0 incurred a minor issue in translation for on-page booking.

But, the new update has fixed the issue of translation for on-page booking helping the users in translation effectively.

WP Travel ‘v7.1.0’ vs ‘v7.2.0’

WP Travel v7.1.0WP Travel v7.2.0
❌No option of hour and minute was available in Trip-Duration✔️ Added hour and minute option in Trip -Duration
❌No tax percentage feature was added in case of on-page booking✔️ Integrated Tax percentage in case of on-page booking
❌’ Apply coupon’ option was available even if no any coupon were added✔️Successfully removed the ‘apply coupon’ field when there was no coupon added
❌ Translation issues occurred in the case of on-page booking✔️Successfully fixed translation issue for On-page booking
WP Travel ‘v7.1.0’ vs ‘v7.2.0’

WP Travel Pro ‘v6.1.0’ vs ‘v6.2.0’

WP Travel Pro v6.1.0WP Travel Pro v6.2.0
❌No conditional payment module feature was available✔️Conditional payment module integrated successfully
❌Translations issues occurred in case of multiple checkouts (Add to cart)✔️Translation issues in multiple checkouts(Add to cart) fixed successfully
WP Travel Pro ‘v6.1.0’ vs ‘v6.2.0’

WP Travel Pro v6.2.0 Key-takeaways


  • Added Conditional Payment Module


  • Translation issues in case of multiple checkouts (Add to cart)

WP Travel Pro ‘v6.2.0’: New Updated Features

1. Added Conditional Payment module

With the new release update of WP Travel Pro v6.2.0, we have added a conditional payment module

This conditional payment modules provides the conditions for payment depending upon billing addresses or Trip Location.

It allows owners to restrict payment methods based on conditions and allow them to apply for payments. This setting will take the WP Travel plugin to a whole new level

conditional-payment feature of
conditional-payment of

2. Translation issues Fixed in multiple checkouts

WP Travel Pro v6.1.0 faced the issue of translation during multiple checkouts.

So, WP Travel Pro v6.2.0 has come up with translation issues fixed in case of multiple checkouts( Add to Cart)


So, the features like ‘hours and minutes’ in trip duration, ‘tax-percentage’ for on-page booking ,’conditional payment module’ are an additional features that we have added

and bug fixes like translation issues in multiple checkouts, translation issues for on-page booking that we have rectified successfully in this new update.

Recommended: WP Travel documentation to learn more about configurations, modules, payments, shortcodes, and WP Travel Rest API.

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