WP Travel Pro version 3.1.7 is now available for update. In this version we have fixed the issue related to placeholder and checkbox option in field editor section as well as issue related to download attachment.

In WP Travel Pro version 3.1.7, we have deprecated some functions which has been listed below;


  • Function is_wp_travel_archive_page is deprecated used WP_Travel::is_page('archive'); instead of.
  • Function wp_travel_is_checkout_page is deprecated used WP_Travel::is_page('checkout'); instead of.
  • Function wp_travel_is_cart_page is deprecated used WP_Travel::is_page('cart'); instead of.
  • Function wp_travel_is_dashboard_page is deprecated used WP_Travel::is_page('dashboard'); instead of.
  • Function wp_travel_is_account_page is deprecated used WP_Travel::is_page('dashboard'); instead of.


  • Updated parameter structure in $wt_cart->add() method. Instead of using multiple parameter, now param will be in one array.


  • Undefined index type in Field editor.
  • Fixed, unable to edit placeholder of default travelers fields.
  • Fixed, Undefined in Mailchimp.
  • Fixed, unable to check/uncheck required checkbox of default travelers fields.
  • Download attachment not working in email.

If you spot any issue or face any difficulty with the plugin, feel free to write back to us in our official support forum.

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