Who doesn’t want their favorite solution at a reasonable price?

Keeping that in mind, we have exciting news today! WP Travel Pro is now affordable with a HUGE mega special offer and you will be getting all the add-ons that were sold individually before as a Giga package.

Isn’t it great? You might be thinking about why we are doing this now. Well, we are here to share the story behind it.

WP Travel Pro: All-in-one Travel Booking Solution for WordPress

WP Travel Pro - All in one solution for Travel Booking WordPress

There are 30+ Add-ons for WP Travel. All of them are very popular among our users. However, If anyone from our userbase tries to buy them separately, they will have to pay a big amount. What if you get the opportunity of getting all 30+ Add-ons altogether at a reduced price?

To make things even easier for everyone, we decided to bundle up all our add-ons into a single package. Now, you will be getting everything inside WP Travel Pro.

Also, how about we give you the extra treat of a massive $150 discount when you buy WP Travel Pro.

So, What’s Happening to the Individual Addons?

As you will be getting everything inside WP Travel Pro, keeping individual add-ons available for sale makes no actual sense.

We don’t want pricing to be a hassle for our users, actually, nobody wants that. Everyone wants to get the best out of everything and comparing features and finding what you actually need is a complex process.

WP Travel Pro Add-ons

When you are getting all exciting features and add-ons together for a simplified discounted price, it makes things easier for everyone.

Besides that, it is very difficult to maintain all these plugins separately. That is why we decided not to sell add-ons individually. Rather, we would be happy to give you everything at a special price.

What’s in it for You as a User?

Now, the most important part of this article. Why should you care? Basically, we are making things easier for you. We understand the pain points of our users and want to keep things simple.

Keeping that in mind, we decided to offer you all the add-ons and premium features together in WP Travel Pro so that you don’t miss out all the good parts of our plugin.

If you are thinking about creating your own Travel Booking Website with WordPress, you will hardly find a better option than WP Travel Pro. Now you can straight away choose the Pro version, instead of wasting time selecting which add-ons you need. And cherry on the top, you will just have to pay $99.99 for the whole package which is $150 less than the actual price!

WP Travel Pro Massive Price Drop

Grab WP Travel Pro for Just $99.99!

What Happens to Existing Users?

Existing individual add-on users can still use their add-ons just like before and they will receive updates for 1 year. Later, we will discontinue support for individual add-ons. However, you can always grab the discounted WP Travel Pro and experience all the rich features that you are missing out.

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