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Get all premium feature of this premium WordPress travel agency plugin – WP Travel Pro in a single package. Install all your travel website needs in a single go – no multiple installations and no multiple licenses while saving hundreds of dollars!

Pricing & Features

They say nothing comes for free, but we say there is plenty that comes for free – and we proved it with our free plugin. Also with our premium travel agency plugin, we have gone way ahead in customer-centric pricing model by pricing the model modestly. Compared the features that it comes loaded with against the price you pay – go through the chart below. We are pretty sure, you will love our fair business policy!


  • Free Forever
  • Personal 45%
  • Popular
    Plus 55%
  • Expert 65%
FeaturesFree ForeverPersonal 45%
Plus 55%
Expert 65%
Number of TripsFor Any No. of Sites1 Site | FSBFCM20225 Sites | 5FSBFCM202225 Sites | 25FSBFCM2022
Trip Booking Unlimited Trips Unlimited Trips Unlimited Trips Unlimited Trips
Multiple Pricing & Dates Trip Booking Trip Booking Trip Booking Trip Booking
Group Discount Multiple Pricing & Dates Multiple Pricing & Dates Multiple Pricing & Dates Multiple Pricing & Dates
Utilities Gallery (Limited) Group Discount Group Discount Group Discount
Import Export Tour Extras (Limited) Utilities Utilities Utilities
Field Editor Partial Payment (Limited) Import Export Import Export Import Export
Gallery Basic options Field Editor Field Editor Field Editor
Tour Extras Standard PayPal Gallery Gallery Gallery
Partial Payment Google map Tour Extras Tour Extras Tour Extras
Downloads Partial Payment Partial Payment Partial Payment
Custom Filters Downloads Downloads Downloads
Wishlists Custom Filters Custom Filters Custom Filters
Currency Exchange Rates Wishlists Wishlists Wishlists
Trip Weather Currency Exchange Rates Currency Exchange Rates Currency Exchange Rates
Zapier Trip Weather Trip Weather Trip Weather
Standard PayPal Zapier Zapier Zapier
PayPal Express Checkout Standard PayPal Standard PayPal Standard PayPal
Stripe Checkout PayPal Express Checkout PayPal Express Checkout PayPal Express Checkout
Authorize.Net Checkout Stripe Checkout Stripe Checkout Stripe Checkout
Paystack Checkout Authorize.Net Checkout Authorize.Net Checkout Authorize.Net Checkout
PayFast Checkout Paystack Checkout Paystack Checkout Paystack Checkout
PayHere Checkout PayFast Checkout PayFast Checkout PayFast Checkout
PayU Checkout PayHere Checkout PayHere Checkout PayHere Checkout
Instamojo Checkout PayU Checkout PayU Checkout PayU Checkout
Razorpay Checkout Instamojo Checkout Instamojo Checkout Instamojo Checkout
Khalti Checkout Razorpay Checkout Razorpay Checkout Razorpay Checkout
Google map Khalti Checkout Khalti Checkout Khalti Checkout
Here map Google map Google map Google map
MailChimp Here map Here map Here map
Support MailChimp MailChimp MailChimp
DownloadBuy NowBuy NowBuy Now

** Coupon code FSBFCM2022 will auto-apply on the Checkout page for the 1-site package.

**To get packages discount, apply coupon code 5FSBFCM2022 on 5-site and 25FSBFCM2022 on 25-site packages on the checkout page.

WP Travel Pro Features

WP Travel Pro is a premium plugin for travel and trekking agency websites built on WordPress that would like to have all the functionalities required to successfully operate a travel business along with boosting sales of their travel packages without the need to develop or purchase multiple functionality-specific features. Here are some of the salient features that this premium plugin offers:

All WP Travel Premium modules Included

As a premium product, this plugin comes integrated with all the 17 WP Travel modules including all the payment gateways like PayPal Express, Stripe,, Paystack and many more. Along with them the WP Travel Pro comes integrated with custom filters, tour utilities, map options, field editors, among others modules. Unlike our free version, where you would have to buy all these modules separately, the premium version gives all of them in a single go. And the best part, you can install them all in a single go – no back and forth in setting up.

Save Hundreds of Dollars with Bulk Pricing

Instead of spending hundreds of dollars every year buying standalone modules and then spending hours setting them up – the WP Travel Pro gives you the unique opportunity of accessing all premium features of the plugin by paying a heavily discounted price. This is a great opportunity for you to get all the goodies in a basket, while saving hard earned dollars for investing in other areas of your business growth.

One License
to Rule All

Unlike the free version, WP Travel Pro version comes integrated with all our modules and requires you to have the license for the plugin only – not for its feature modules. This means, all you have buy is a single license and get all the premium modules. This helps you to cut down development and integration time along with the need to pay for each of the required feature. Upgrade to or purchase this premium plugin today and save time to focus on growing your business.

Feature Updates

WP Travel team is adding new features with every update. With WP Travel Pro you can get all new premium feature constantly. Whenever there is a new add-on you will get it on WP Travel Pro.

Premium Support

While we have constantly won accolades from our users for our speedy and responsive support, we have upped our game for the WP Travel Pro customers. With the roll out of this premium product, we have put together a round the clock support team to address any issues or concerns of our premium plugin users. If you have ever used our customer services, you can imagine the level of support you might receive when you are premium client!


Still have questions, no worries. We understand your concerns when you are planning to grow your travel business. Go through some of the frequently asked questions below and see if we hit the right chord.

Unfortunately, we have discontinued separate add-ons. All the add-ons now come as modules with WP Travel Pro. So, you don’t need to take on the hassle of installing individual add-ons on your site and manage multiple licenses. Besides that, you can get everything at a discounted and reasonable price. Here’s a quick glance of WP Travel features.

No. WP Travel Pro comes with all the available add-ons as modules with the premium plugin.

WP Travel support is free for all users. You may open a support ticket at any time. WP Travel Pro users, however, get premium support & require a valid license key. License keys are issued at the time of purchase.
License keys verifies that your site is using the genuine product and allows us to send you automatic updates, bug fixes and security patches. Likewise, we provide premium support for valid license key holders.
Absolutely not. Your plugin will work as expected whether you have your license keys activated or not. You are encouraged to test the plugin on your staging site without activating license keys first. However, without a valid license key, you cannot get automatic updates, bug fixes and premium support.

It depends on the package you have purchased from us. With the Personal plan, you can activate only 1 site, the Plus plan lets you activate 5 sites and the Expert plan allows activation for 25 sites at the same time. However, You may deactivate a license key and move it to another site at any time.

You may still use the pro plugin, but you will not receive updates, bug fixes, security patches or premium support once the license key expires.

Yes, there are no technological conflicts between the three, you could run them all at the same time on the same domain name. But all plug-ins have their own cart system so WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads products will be added in their cart page and WP Travel trips will be added in WP Travel cart page. Also checkout will be processed in own individual way. We need to note that both WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads and WP Travel are standalone plug-ins for WordPress, conceptual and functional way.

You are more than welcome to request a refund within 30 days of purchasing your license keys. View our refund policy.
There is no trial available for WP Travel Pro. However, you can test the free & pro plugin. Also, there is a demo available for both frontend and backend.

No, it does not include the premium themes.

WP Travel is a separate independent plugin that comes with all the add-ons of WP Travel but not with the premium themes. However, we have collaborated with different theme authors who have happily developed compatible travel themes that you can check from the list and purchase for your travel site.

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