WP Travel SliceWP Affiliate Addon

Connect SliceWP Affiliate to WP Travel

WP Travel SliceWP Affiliate Addon is the addon of WP Travel plugin, that makes it easy for you to start and manage an affiliate program for your travel site. Using WP Travel SliceWP Affiliate Addon you sell your trip on different site. 

Experience the future of affiliate marketing for travel websites with WP Travel SliceWP Affiliate Addon. Get started today and embark on a journey towards unparalleled success!

Unlock Unlimited Possibilities

With WP Travel SliceWP Affiliate Addon, the possibilities for expanding your travel business are boundless. Amplify your reach by allowing affiliates to promote and sell your enticing trips across various platforms. 

Effortless Management

Data are very important for all business. WP Travel has in-build booking stat that helps you to generate a report from different date range, types and locations.

Unleash Sales Potential

Let your affiliates become powerful allies in driving sales. WP Travel SliceWP Affiliate Addon equips them with the necessary tools and resources to effectively market your trips. From captivating banners and promotional materials to detailed trip information, arm your affiliates with the means to captivate potential customers and drive them towards conversion.

WP Travel integration with SliceWP

Are you ready to take your travel site to new heights? Look no further than WP Travel SliceWP Affiliate Addon, the perfect complement to the renowned WP Travel plugin. Seamlessly integrated, this powerful addon empowers you to effortlessly initiate and oversee an engaging affiliate program for your website.

Start your affiliate program in just a few minutes

Start your affiliate program in minutes. Onboard affiliates, automatically track visits and commissions, grow your revenue, all from the comfort of your WordPress website.
SliceWP provides you an intuitive way to connect WP Travel, onboard affiliates, learn from real-time reports and easily manage your affiliate program directly from your WordPress dashboard.