Release Date: 28th June, 2019


  • Enhancement of same scripts are enqueue from multiple addons. Now all scripts are registered in WP Travel and used handler to enqueue.


  • In an admin trip section, Partial payment section is displaying even it is disabled from settings.
  • Group size of multiple pricing is displayed in the featured section. Previously group size value is displaying from single pricing option though pricing option set as multiple pricing options.
  • FAQs are not being correctly saved on admin trips page. If global FAQs are enabled by WP Travel Utilities plugin and added global FAQ in first and then deactivate utilities. This will not save FAQ correctly.
  • Fixed settings fields data are lost if addons disabled. It will not save settings of disabled addons if we update settings after disabling addons from addons settings.
  • Trip FAQ accordion conflict with Trip Facts.


  • Trip code on frontend tabs optimized.