WP Travel Utilities v 1.1.8 is now available to download with enhancements on modules separation and some important fixes. You can update the plugin from the dashboard or via FTP.

Most importantly, the feature of multiple checkout is not available in the recent version of the WP Travel Utilities v 1.1.8. Well, if you were using the feature in your site previously, there is nothing to worry about as you will still have the feature in the new release.

If you spot any issues or face any problem using the addon, please report them to us in detail on our support page so that our development team can fix it and help you as soon as possible.

Support page:

Change Log 

* Enhancement: Split Utilities into modules and code cleanup.
* Fixes: Inventory available greater than actual.
* Removed: Multiple checkout for user.

Note :   New version of the WP Travel version 1.8.4  is must for the WP Travel Utilities v 1.1.8