WP Travel version 3.0.0 on wards, a brand new and extensively requested feature of multi pricing with single cart checkout can be implemented with WP Travel Utilities version 1.3.3. The new version of WP Travel Utilities allows the users to add multiple pricing to the same cart and users can carry out the checkout process without having to redo the booking process for the pricing categories.

With the new version of WP Travel Utilities, we believe the hassle of booking and checkout for multiple pricing options (e.g Adult pricing and Infant pricing and other) can be carried out in a single flow.


  • Introduces the feature of multiple pricing checkout which allows the users to carry out the checkout process with multiple pricing ( e.g Adult , children and other ) through a single cart.
  • Minor bug fixes.
  • Minor Enhancements.
Screenshot : Back end view of the plugin with multiple pricing

Screenshot : Front end view of the booking tab

Screen shot : WP Travel Cart view

If you face any difficulty with the upgrade or have any query/confusion, feel free to reach back to us via our official support forum.