WP Travel version 3.0.0 is out now with some very important enhancements. This version omits the feature of single pricing and the rest two pricing options can be implemented for a game changing feature of multi pricing checkout in a single cart with the WP Travel Utilities enabled.

Please note that you can get 100% out of this update if only you have WP Travel Utilities enabled, as, the feature to add multiple pricing in a single cart is included in the fresh release of WP Travel Utilities verison 1.3.3

If you face any difficult or face any issue with the update, we are right away a single query to help you with your inconveniences. Feel free to reach to us via our official support form

Change log :


  • Multiple Pricing category support in a pricing option. Now, you can assign multiple categories like child, adult in a pricing option. You have to select multiple pricing for this feature with WP Travel Utilities enabled.
  • Pricing layout updated to select pax and price in the trip single page. Now it uses pax picker dropdown to select pax as per pricing category.
  • Meta Structure update for the trip to support Multiple Category on every pricing option.
  • Removed Single Pricing option for New User since WP Travel 3.0.0. Old WP Travel User still have access to use a single pricing option.
  • Added currency symbol of Armenian Dram (AMD).


  • Displaying sale price even pricing has no sale price in case of multiple pricing. When getting min pricing and the min pricing doesn’t have any sale price but any of the prices have sale price then the current min price is also treated like it has sale price and displaying sale value same as price value.

*Alert : Once you update the WP Travel plugin to the version (3.0.0) and an individual trip is updated, then if you try to rollback to the older version of the WP Travel plugin then all the data from the updated individual trip will be removed.